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  • palefire_us palefire_us Mar 11, 2003 2:10 PM Flag

    Suppose there is no war, Or


    we have a stalemate? That is, the administration can't get its act together with its allies [such as they are] and get nothing from the UN? Everybody playing the market now is betting on "the war"/"no war" scenario. If that continues for a few more weeks, I expect to see a major move down in the gneral S/M.

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    • So now you are bashing Jews? And Americans? And wishing that "the children of Americans die?" What else do you wish for inhabitants of the United States of America?? And that the USA is responsible for 100 million deaths? What's next? Are we also responsible for the sewerage system in Mogadishu?

      Don't even bother. As I have mentioned many times before whilst giving the benefit of the doubt...: " You, are not worthy of my time!"

    • Sorry, I don't hang on your every word.
      I think you are up too late and drinking too
      much. You post rationally until late in the
      evening; and then you start hating America.
      Did some American steal your best squeeze? It
      might have been me if it happened on the Island
      of Hydra.
      F the UN, SH, and God Bless America

    • You are nothing but an ignorant, foul mouthed, uncouth, plagarising, subversive communist disguised in drag as a macho-queen!

      fuck off you communist pig!

    • I would like nothing better than to "hog-tie" your sorry ass and jam a damned bayonnet up your sorry ass you stupid, ignorant ASSHOLE! Now fetch me a drink you putrid, flacid hemoroid... Are you not supposed to be in Iraq as a 'human shield' - please do send us a postcard you fucking wacko!

      fuck off!


    • Yeah, yeah, it's all our fault. Hey, what
      do you think of your princess's comments about
      your royal family; sounds like there may be a
      little corruption there?
      You are just like the rest of the uninformed, and being well read does not guarantee wisdom. You, and the rest of the world will see how to handle a despot. If there are a lot of Iraqis dead, it won't be at our hands. What has your country done as far
      as Zimbabwe is concerned? We just froze the
      assets of the Mugabe regime and denied them
      access to visas here. I would like to see the
      impotent UN tackle that problem.
      God bless America and its troops.

    • How do you convert a Moslem, hell bent on destroying every Jew & Christian, so that they may ascend to the next higher plane of existance?

      With a bullet between the eyes.

      Another 100,000,000 may well die before you find many Americans in Mosques.


    • There will be a war. The PTB can no way afford to have the public refocus on our domestic economy, with no excuse as to why it is in shambles. The DOW is headed to 3000 whether or not we have a war. We MUST have an external excuse!

      We are on the brink of a total collapse & reorganization of the world economy. I'm not precient enough to know whether the PTB can ultimately control Gold price. I doubt it. I find myself in the unique position of betting with the rag heads. They have clearly set a course which presumes a collapse in the dollar, and an explosion in dollar-denominated gold & oil prices.

      The ragheads are presently accumulating all of the gold which YOU are selling. Care to provide them with more?


      • 1 Reply to jermarge2000
      • this war has gotten so far out of hand that there is no gracefull way out for the US. We have committed the troops and cant keep them there indefinetly... the world has poised some questions that are difficult to answer with the data we have provided them. How can we justifiy spending 100 billion of our taxpayers dollars on a war, that will result in thousands of lives lost, including our own soldiers, a war that will likely disrupt and destabilze the entire middle east, a war that will have a long expensive aftermath. How did bush spin iraq=9/11???? the data is not really there. I think that bush never thought we would go to war.. but that we had to be prepared to go to war or we couldnt force an exile of coup attempt... bush was right with his general approach, but we have been nickled and dimed to death by the UN, and slowly out foxed by Saddam, there is no graceful way out.. everyday it get worst and seems as though we have fallen for the head fake and not looked after business which is Iran and Korea. I hope bush had a plan that could deal with this. but I suspect this has not come down the way we wanted and there is no graceful way out. Our credibililyt is at stake , the UN is in ruins, and the world is now worst off than it was. I suspect this will really hurt bush in the next election and that the economy will be south and the democrates will get in and then make it even worst. Not that I want that scenario, but that will ultimately increase the economic collapse and stengthen gold. over the next 5-6 years gold is going to unleash an incredible swing up... .I see pog at 3000 dow at 3000 and drooy at 110-130. today is a great buying opportunity. dont miss the boat.

    • NO war is a low percentage play, but possible. It would be a major defeat for Bush and victory for Saddam and as such would result in no SM rally. That would unwind all of the "gold premium" talk and if gold futures held up where they are now, around 350 that would mean a rally in the gold shares I would bet. A stalemate is the same as no war because the troops would have to stick around until the summer waiting for a Saddam disarmament which would never happen.