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  • ibasibacat ibasibacat Mar 12, 2003 3:04 PM Flag

    The VERTICAL plunge will be due to


    massive sell off in POG of the order of 20-30 bucks freefall once the war starts. The smart people have bailed out and the recent slow sell off is a slow motion of the crash in next few days when most of the gold stocks will correct 30-40% that day

    I am convinced are you?? if not look inside your heart.

    get ready


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Since the military has complete control of the media for Gulf War II, all the initial news will be that everything is just hunky dory & going exactly as planned. Gold will tank. Then the news will leak out that 100,000 Israli's and 20,000 troops are dying like bugs sprayed with Raid, then Gold will go verticle, perhaps $100 in one day.

      Expect margins to be raised again.
      Samples of sand fused into green glass from the 1st atomic blast at White Sands, NM are called Trinitite, as the blast site is referred to as the Trinity Site. What next, Bagdatite?