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  • jescoman jescoman Mar 20, 2003 11:03 PM Flag

    we have been duped....

    that big ass short position knew something we did not...this pos has traded worse than any stock ive ever seen.....even the biggest pieces of shit on the naz bounce on up days..this pos goes down all the time no matter what gold does....a lesson learned.. believe what u see not what u beleive in..this pos had glaring issues even at 4+..sad drooy is dead and the fiat lie goes on...

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    • As I said earlier today, this stock did not sell off in SA on Monday where the DROOY news is the talk of the day. You say "that big ass short position knew something we did not." I think the big ass short position saw alot of shares bought on margin by undercapitalized players. Easy target for concerted short action.

      I wonder if the brokerages sell information on margin positions or if the hedge funds otherwise gain access to that data. That would be a scandal. But perhaps the big shorts just have to make educated guesses.