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  • whitelightmix whitelightmix Mar 21, 2003 2:48 AM Flag

    Saudi Arabia


    "Could you imagine U.S. warplanes dropping bombs on the Champs
    �lys�es? Or Marines firing shots on Buckingham Palace? U.S.
    tanks rumbling into downtown Toronto? Of course not. But suppose
    America HAD to declare war on ANOTHER of its political allies...
    Like oil-rich Saudi Arabia!

    "Secret military conferences are already rumored to be taking
    place at the Pentagon... You'll think I'm nuts. But this is
    serious. Saudi Arabia is on the brink of chaos... Ever since
    March 2002, Saudi citizens have been rioting in almost every
    major town in the desert nation. Daily, Saudi citizens burn
    American flags in the streets. They howl anti-Western slogans.
    They're even calling for the blood of their OWN
    'America-friendly' royal family.

    "The number-one weapons exporter in 2002 was the United States.
    The number one importer of weapons was not Russia, not France,
    not Germany... but, you guessed it, the filthy-rich Crown
    Princes of Saudi Arabia!

    *** "Now here's the rub: Over the last two decades, Saudi Arabia
    has sold over US$3 TRILLION worth of oil to the West. Yet the
    Saudi national debt is a mind-boggling 150% LARGER than its GDP!
    That's not all. The Saudi government has run a budget DEFICIT
    for the last 17 years straight. It's bankrupt. What's more...
    Saudi unemployment JUST TOPPED 40%. Every Saudi street is full
    of potholes.

    "And in the capital city of Riyadh, the electricity regularly
    shuts off... even though Saudis have more energy resources than
    any nation in history! Saudi fundamentalists are hopping mad.
    They won't stand for it much longer...

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