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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Apr 1, 2003 12:30 AM Flag

    WAR IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Sector @

    Excerpt >>>>> During the Iran/Iraq war Basra was besieged by 1 million troupes of various caliber. It didn't fall. Moreover, there was not a hope of World public opinion coming to the rescue then as there definitely is now.

    Light casualties so far and an avoidance of direct infantry assault by the US has only delayed the end game and allowed Saddam to better prepare. The CIA keeps trying to bribe his generals and they aren�t biting. This is a very big clue that they know something we don�t. I was always worried about the casual nature of Saddam this time around.

    For example, the Saddam Hussein Airport is fully functional, receiving supplies and travelers in and out, 24 hours a day. This canard is the residue of the failed Pentagon/Neocon theory that there will somehow be an uprising and the regime will be magically "Changed". By sparing the city�s infrastructure [Bridges, roads etc] the "Coalition" hopes to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. The "Shock and Awe" boys are still draped in their own hubris. The sanctions made Saddam less evil than the US.

    The cities of Najef, Nasiyria, Karbala and especially Basra haven't fallen because the US/UK are in avoidance mode. [BTW this is the hallmark of a nit-picking micro-manager like Rumsfeld�he confuses activity with results]. They have them surrounded [sort of] but are not shelling the inner cities for obvious reasons and don't want US casualties in street fighting. A multiple siege strategy was certainly not in the original plan and calls for much more armor and men.

    Thus, we see a dance underway with only one partner dancing while the other shuffles a bit to reposition some tanks. Most were already in place...inside the big cities.

    The World public opinion war is lost according to Middle East expert Richard Searle. Why all this continued focus on spin and CNN is odd. To what audience are they playing?

    As the civilian dead mount rapidly during ultimate direct assault tactics, the World pressure to end the invasion will build quickly perhaps bringing in even more combatants as Syria seemed to do today.

    I spoke with an acquaintance at the gym as he exalted about US progress. How will we get through city-based, modern anti-tank weapons? He seemed not to hear the question. He answered...We have night capabilities!

    We still might "Win". But at what cost? <<<<<<

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    • As usual (and no offense to you) but your analysis is too superficial, too canned. A nation goes to war not for a single reason but for many. Economics, safety, political stability and yes revenge, to name a few. This war is all that and more. To think casualities are going to divert the overall plan(s) of this government is being naive. In a nut shell, this war is sending a huge message to all that oppose the U.S. and its way of life. It is saying; if you dare to engage the U.S. in ANY arena, prepare to fight to the death! The U.S. is in poor economic condition and it will not tolerate continued harrassment by terrorists or the nations that harbor them. Mr. Bush is taking a page from history when pirates harrassed the U.S. shipping & eastern seaboards in the early 18th century. It was the first "war on terror" that the U.S. engaged in, and won! This war and, most likly, a few more in this country's future, will go a long way to rid the world two-bit tyrants and their dream of regional/world conquest!