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  • pyrite_to_you pyrite_to_you Apr 1, 2003 5:14 PM Flag

    An Eye For an Eye

    I get just a moment to read some on this board. the usual anti-American characters are true to form in the FARRAKHAN tradition!

    Paleface/sutlith you are cowards, you're so full of yourself that you can't see past any reasoning other than your own limited ability to stand up for yourself or anything around you. The first sign of conflict your type turn tails and runs to the extent of running over your love ones to save yourself.

    There are brave courageous individuals out there right now risking their lives so the world won't have to suffer another 9/11 again, and you don't have the ability to understand, appreciate, or acknowledge that fact. That is the pitiful message of all your self proclaimed wisdom and outward cowardness in the face of a challenge that must be met.

    Why do you support the atrocities of sadam h. and turn the story around and blame the very country you shouldn't be living in?