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  • bigfatbastard00 bigfatbastard00 Apr 1, 2003 12:13 PM Flag

    Saddam is dead...

    otherwise he would have made an appearance to spite the USA IMO.

    Buying back below 2.34 soon...

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    • Tyranny exists and flourishes when the populace is scared of the govt or apathetic towards it. In the US, the surest way to get people excited is to start a war. For awhile they are patriotic. Then they want accountability, then they assign blame. Finally, they heap abuse on the perpetrators of the perceived folly. This happend following or during all of our wars except possibly WW2. The population will become distincly un-apathetic because of this war. You complain endlessly about how the US govt is corrupt beyond any repair, now you are joined by tens of millions of like minded souls. So, what are you going to constructively do to change this govt? For that matter, where is the pro-gold presidential canditate in 2004? Is Ron Paul even running? Why doesn't GATA support any political candidates?


    • Since when do you have to sell your gold stocks to support the Iraq war? Just what do you think this administration would be doing to dismantle the gold cabal and prosecute the banksters if we weren't in Iraq just now? Why does staying out of Iraq make Bush more palatable to you? You have hated GW Bush since before he was elected because you group him with the banksters and those that continue to debase the dollar. So you should be overjoyed now that we are piling on more debt and making enemies the world over. With these policies, Bush is simply bringing the day of reckoning for the dollar and gold cabals closer. How can you keep a cabal together if the G7 nations turn into enemies? If you thought you would get an honest dollar policy out of the pre 9/11 US govt you were living in dreamland. Now that chaos reins, you might get everything you dreamed of. You have to destroy the cartels before you can prosecute them. Economic and political instability are the enemies of banksters the world over and you can bet these cartels hate GW just now. Everything you always hoped for is happening, so why does that make you bitter?


    • How why does that not surprise me.

    • Good for you. I didn't like the pink elephant. Too big, didn't fit in my two seater. BTW people that believe they have everything they need stop being jealous..

      It's easy to grab more, it's more difficult to stop grabbing.

    • I hear in some countriees you can buy eggs with toilet paper.

    • never buy gold stocks because of war.....that is stupid.....but i would buy them when the $US is not worth the toilet paper it is printed on.......then again what is toilet paper worth......$4.00 for a 12 roll package.

    • There is plenty at stake in this war. GW is throwing away his reputation, his presidency, and alienating plenty of so-called allies to bring down a Charlie Manson type brilliant and insane killer who happens to run a country of 24 million. Saddam is willing to sacrifice millions of his people (not to mention the hundreds of thousands he has already killed) to protect his palaces and torture chambers. Somebody somewhere has got to off this guy before he directly or indirectly kills our kids by giving Osama's friends sophisticated weapons. So the suspense is, just how evil is this guy? Does he really have all of those weapons? That's why everyone is watching. Is the fight fair? Hell no! Is it worth doing, HELL YES. BTW, if our country ever is run by a Saddam type murderer who enjoys watching his friends gang rape the daughters of his opponents I hope someone does invade our country and overthrow our govt. I will be the first in line to sign up too. For those of you who think GW is as bad as Saddam because you lost money betting on gold stocks, God help your sick souls.

    • It just shows that some of these Drooy posters are just begging to be led into whatever their fierce leaders want to take them. On the way you pass by the tax collector and you pay for the leaders' lunacy. Patriotism gets mistaken by eating up whatever is served on the 24 hour news channels.

      Tell me POG has a long way to go up because the ignorance and stupidity still runs amok.

      There are Americans and Iraqi's dying every day over there, for what ???

    • I'm constantly appalled and find myself thinking, 'Surely, people in this country don't think there is anything fair in this fight, do they? They are not proud of being an invading force, are they?' What I find most disconcerting is the unwillingness to think in terms of 'what would I feel or think or do if we were invaded, (no matter how allegedly well-intentioned the invading force)?' Would, say, an invasion by Canada make us feel any better? Things are turned upside down: our 'defensive' forces are always on 'offensive' campaigns and yet we were 'defenseless' on 9/11. This bit of black humor expresses a deep ambivalence, I believe.

    • All the serious problems of the USA and world's economy nevertheless continue.I hope that SOB is dead and facing his Maker and Judge right now.But deficits,personal and corporate bk's,fraud,state budget shortges,housing bubble,layoffs,etc remain essentially unaffected whether or not Saddam can still fog a mirror.
      His fate may indeed affect one's trading timing but many of us on this site just don't play.

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