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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Jan 10, 2004 8:54 PM Flag

    Debt Implosion Immanent!


    >>>>>>As the costs of servicing debt perpetually and irreversibly increase in proportion to the commerce, the latter stages of the lifespan of such a system are marked by vanished profit margins and escalated borrowing. In its death throes, despite its already marginalizing costs, the system inherently and irreversibly asks more of its subjects.
    As the system nears the finality of system-wide insoluble debt, one sector failing may jeopardize other dependent sectors, in short order taking them beyond the brink of marginal solubility. While the system may appear to have considerable life left, a precipitous end, even of its healthiest sectors, is potentiated by the collapse of any significant, weakened area.
    As the systems of the world approach this threshold system-wide insoluble debt together, the critical factor however can be social recognition that the conditions themselves are inconsistent with a system which should and would sustain viable commerce.
    World-wide economic collapse then is exactly so probable as mankind is inept to prefer solution.<<<<<<

    mike montagne

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      >>>>>"There's no way that we will get to the November 2004 election, with the United States which continues to represent what most foolish people believe it represents, at this moment today. This will not happen months down the line: We're on the verge of a total collapse. The breaking point could come at any moment. It could come in your Christmas stocking--or in the hole in your Christmas stocking. It could come later, because the ability to print money indefinitely, and using electronic means, as well as printing-press means, does give governments the ability to postpone a collapse which is already onrushing. Such methods of postponing a collapse, however, only make things worse. But we're in that period, at which, in a fairly short period of time, in the near term--during the course of the coming year, if it doesn't happen before Christmas--this thing is going down!"<<<<<<

      Lyndon H. LaRouche