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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Jan 17, 2004 4:25 PM Flag


    What a quandary. The folks involved with this forum clearly understand that the US is on the brink of economic implosion. We will likely be part of a scarce remanent that benefits from the coming destruction of life as we knew it in the good ol' US of A. The only question that remains is what is the time frame?

    Will a huge monolithic economic structure such as the USA decay slowly or immediately as in 1929? My (marginally valuable) guess is very rapidly. In fact, it will be as though we had stepped off of a cliff.

    Why? In 1929 the forces that produced the collapse were mostly benign, of natural consequence. Natural corrections have proceeded in a cyclical manner approximately every 50 years as far as the records go. At the extreme risk of incurring Sulith's wrath, I wish to point out the apparent necessity of a 'Jubilee Year' occurring at 50 year intervals.

    In a secular sense you may demonstrate the same principle in terms of the Kondratieff Winter. In either case, the cycle still occurs roughly every 50 to 60 years.

    My hypothesis is this; some rather extreme methods of delaying this naturally occuring phenomenon have been employed this time around, not the least of which is the corrupt practice of artificially restraining the natural appreciation of PM's in relation to fiat as exposed by GATA. The PPT (Plunge Protection Team) is another example of the corrupt artificial restraint that has been imposed on the natural progression of markets. The result of these practices will be akin to screwing down the pressure release valve on a pressure cooker.

    The results, though predictable, will be explosive and take all but this small minority by total surprise. You are wondering about the rapid deployment of new martial law measures such as the Patriot Act? When the imminent collapse occurs, such measures will be absolutely necessary to maintain control of an unemployed, destitute, population, which was most recently immersed in a secure, luxurious lifestyle. In other words, the collapse is not therefore unforseen, but a matter of design, understood by key players in select positions.

    When will the inevitable occur? When all of the required controls are in place. When no one is able to control the privacy of their personal assets. See the latest assault: hh

    Please ask yourself, what possible reason could there be for registering all Gold sales? Money laundering? Ha. The PTB have presently scheduled the economy to become cashless within 18 months. This could obviously be altered but is nevertheless the target: reference; Lee Bellinger, The American Sentinel.

    Again at the risk of inflaming Sulith: Are you ready to assume the Mark?

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