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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Feb 6, 2004 3:13 PM Flag

    Eye of the Storm

    Subj: Eye of the Storm
    By: jermarge2000
    Date: 02/06/04 02:20 pm

    CAN'T YOU FEEL IT? Can't you see the lightening bolts on the horizon? Can't you sense the sudden pressure changes? Haven't you heard the weather reports? This is the granddaddy of all storms. There hasn't been a storm like this since 1929 and that one was a warm afternoon breeze by comparison.

    Are you gonna enter at $3.48 or $3.51? Sheesh, what a decision. It should be easier to make a choice between $34.80 or $35.10. Get a clue.

    Durbin has gone so deep they're about to hit magma. Can't you feel the temperature and pressure rising at this depth? You are standing on top of a volcanic explosion! Run for your life! St. Helens is gonna blow. You what, you're gonna hang out at Spirit Lake and do a little fishing? You're mad. The ground is shaking, it smells like sulpher around here, and you're casually puttin' a fresh worm on your hook?

    Good Luck Fishin', I'm outta here. Got to go call my broker, see ya.