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    • This is what my last post was trying to say. This is extremely important for a super boom in Gold.

      The mega trend in Gold will be when many main stream publications take up the subject. This will educate/alarm the largest market; the US.

      Right now, Arab, Chinese and Indian gold markets have been the main drivers of demand. Gold will take off when US retail begins to buy. Just like it did in the early 80s when Gold was $800 and many publications talked gold. Most of what we see in main stream media is about oil.

      Another key point, it was the same loss of confidence and high oil in the 70s which made the Arabs buy only gold. Of course the Arabs are better diversified today, however, we have new players, China and India with a growing middle class with a tradition of buying gold. In other words, this is the 70s, inflation and high oil, but with a whole host of new wealth buyers.

      At any point we should expect $500 gold. The global economy has been through a horrendous period of deflation followed by the Fed artificially re-inflating both the US as well as the global economy. The dollar is no longer a secure store of wealth, many will buy gold.