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  • pu_2664 pu_2664 Nov 15, 2006 3:31 PM Flag

    making progress is iraq

    This brought up just to remind all and sundry that if we cut and run from Iraq, there will be flesh and blood people we'll be betraying:

    The Iraqi Army took the fight to the enemy over the weekend, capturing an insurgent cell leader, detaining an Improvised Explosive Device supplier and detaining suspected death squad members.
    Coalition Forces in Anbar province also killed three insurgents.

    Yesterday, 8th Iraqi Army Division forces, with Coalition advisors, conducted a raid near Suwayrah and captured the suspected leader of an insurgent cell. The cell leader is suspected in a car bomb attack in Suwayrah that killed nine and injured more than 50 Iraqi civilians. The cell is thought to have coordinated an attack which destroyed an Iraqi Army headquarters in Suwayrah. Iraqi Forces detained four additional suspects during the raid.

    Iraqi Army Special Operations Forces, with Coalition advisors, conducted another raid Saturday in Abu Ghraib to capture a criminal suspected of providing supplies for IEDs and munitions to a bomb-making cell in the area. The Iraqi Soldiers confiscated several sniper and assault rifles during the raid and detained three suspects.

    We liberated Iraq from a bloodthirsty tyrant - we told the Iraqi people that if they'd vote and join us in the fight, we'd stick with them until their future is secure. Well, millions have voted and hundreds of thousands are fighting right along side our troops....and if we leave, it would be a betrayal. It would be the United States leaving allies in the lurch.

    Well, we're not going to have any of that - those on the left might think that they can get us to scuttle Iraq, but we won't do it - not as long as President Bush is in the White House. All the Pelosis in the world can't get us to surrender.

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