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  • pu_2664 pu_2664 Nov 19, 2006 1:14 PM Flag

    iranian diplomat arrested..iran is next

    Nov. 16, 2006 - The arrest of a former Iranian diplomat in Britain is the latest reminder of complications that could arise if the Bush administration turns to Iran to help solve the escalating violence in Iraq. In a development that so far has received no press coverage in the United States, Nosratollah Tajik, who served as Iranian ambassador to Jordan and has been previously linked to terror attacks in Israel, was arrested by British authorities last month at the request of U.S. Justice Department, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said this week.
    Two U.S. law-enforcement officials, who asked not to be identified talking about nonpublic matters, confirmed to NEWSWEEK that a sealed indictment filed by federal prosecutors in Chicago charges Tajik with seeking to purchase night-vision goggles for delivery to Iran from U.S. companies, in violation of U.S. export-control laws. A former top FBI counterterror official said it is likely that the equipment was ultimately destined for Hizbullah�the Lebanon-based group that is heavily financed and armed by the Iranian government.

    "Hizbullah has been trying to buy these things for years," said Chris Hamilton, who until last year oversaw FBI intelligence investigations into Palestinian-linked terror groups. "They have an unlimited need for NVGs [night-vision goggles]."

    It is a Newsweek story, and thus suspect until confirmed by a second source - but we already know that Iran is involved in the terrorism in Iraq, and it would stand to reason they are trying to help out their clients in south Lebanon.

    What I wonder is if a case is being built against Iran - personally, I think we've got enough on them vis a vis Iraq to justify the use of military force, but given all the leftwing absurdities about Iraq, President Bush might be trying to build a "stand up in court" case.

    We shall have to see.

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