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  • pu_2664 pu_2664 Jan 2, 2007 12:25 PM Flag

    some thoughts on the new year

    One of the problems we're having with our upcoming book, Caucus of Corruption, is figuring out what not to put in it. Just too much material! And more and more coming out each day! Lots of fun, to be sure, but a bit of a headache...

    From now forward, I'm personally going to get a lot more stringent in my pro-life position. All of those liberal/left people out there who claim they want social justice: well, you can't even begin to have social justice if you don't protect the unborn. Be pro-life, or be anti-social justice. Take your pick. We can argue endlessly about taxes, welfare, social security, health care, etc...but all those issues are based upon living human beings, not little corpses.

    We are engaged in a war to the death with our enemies - with Europe dying, the only bastion of our civilization remaining is the United States. A new Judeo-Christian civilization is arising in Africa and Asia, and being revived in Latin America, but only the United States can stand as the bulwark, as Constantinople once did, to allow these nascent Christian communities to grow to strength - if we fail and fall, then not only will the old Judeo-Christian civilization of Europe be gone, but all Judeo-Christian civilzation everywhere. We are assured that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it, but that doesn't mean we can slack off and not do our duty. The really hard part of it is that only part of the last bastion is engaged with the war - a very large section of it wants nothing to do with the war.

    We will have to war with iran, and quite soon. We are still waiting for President Bush to lay out his revised plan for victory - it must, in my view, include a challenge to Iran. Iran is in the position of Nazi Germany in 1936 - looming large, but very easily defeated at this point...let this fester a while longer, however, and we'll have one heck of a large war to fight, and fight at an initial disadvantage.

    If Castro isn't dead, then he's quite soon to die - when they at last drag his carcass out of there, it will be discovered that Cuba is in every spritual and material measurement far worse off than it ever was pre-Castro. Get it into your heads, lefties: communism doesn't work.

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