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  • swampthing swampthing Mar 11, 2009 1:50 PM Flag

    Drs. vs. Gun owners

    Now do the one where the doctors Purposefully kill people.

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    • PSSST! The post was intended humor, but the stats speak for themselves. BTW, there are studies indicating that gun owners annually PREVENT violent crimes, including deaths, THOUSANDS of time more than they cause deaths.

      'Course, knowing that would take a little mental effort. You won't see it on CNN.

      Be my guest and place a sign reading "Unarmed Resident" in front of your abode.

      • 1 Reply to sulith2001

        Professor John Lott performed ground breaking academic studies supporting Sulith's counterintuitive assertion, -guns do save lives.

        New gun prohibition laws result in: increased homicides, incarcerations and home invasions, every time!

        While if families are allowed to exercise their constitutional & natural rights to self defense; -murders, assaults and burglaries all drop significantly.

        In addition to the academic evidence, you can see for yourself: societies with the highest gun ownership rates, such as Canada & Switzerland,
        boast the lowest murder rates in the world!

        While gun confiscating societies full of defenseless 'victimhoods' such as Britain, USA & Mexico,
        all boast the highest murder rates per capita!

        In which society would you rather live?
        A place where they jail you for daring to own a firearm, and has high murder & crime rates?

        or a place where 'freedom' rings true, families are allowed arms, if they wish,
        -and relative 'peace' is the rule?

        Only a few sociopathetic socialist bubes might choose the sadomasochistic route...

        The rest of us,
        agree with America's Founding Fathers!


    • That, would be a very scary statistic, since many of the absolute worst mass murderers in history,
      -were medical doctors!

      When a thief or murderer is in your home or business to kill you,

      -calling your 'doctor' will not save you, or your family's, lives.

      but a gun or two or three,
      just might...