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  • disconnected6060842 disconnected6060842 Jan 9, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Multistack Acquires Rights to ConsERV Energy Recovery Ventilator (?)

    I was traveling on Dec. 17 and did not see this story when it first crossed. It apparently was posted and later deleted as the page for it now comes back as 'Not Found' on the Contracting Business website. It appears to have been a prepared PR but I can find no mention of this on either the Dais or Multistack sites. It's as if the site that posted it broke an embargo and later removed it. It was never released later on.

    Multistack would have to be the unnamed manufacturer related to the investor who put up the $2-million back in July to retire the Platinum notes. From the July 19 PR: "The Company and the funder are working with a well-respected firm in the HVAC industry to create a strategic relationship focused around Dais' ConsERV™ product line designed to create greater revenues and market penetration for this product in 2012 and beyond."

    If true, this partnership would be very good for Dais. Is it going to happen though or was it scuttled? Or is the entire company possibly being sold?

    From Google searches, links come back Not Found:

    Multistack has exclusive rights to produce, support, sell Dais ...
    contractingbusiness › Contracting Business News
    Dec 17, 2012 – Both Multistack and Dais are pleased to have this opportunity to create this strategic alliance. Multistack will work closely with the leadership ...

    Multistack Acquires Rights to ConsERV Energy Recovery Ventilator
    Contracting Business-Dec 17, 2012
    Tim Tangredi, president/CEO of Dais Analytic says, “We're excited about the Multistack-ConsERV partnership. Multistack's enviable capability ...

    Kind of a muddled picture with Dais and Green Valley also. The remaining two tranches of funding from Green Valley were pushed back and as someone else mentioned there is no real info on them on the web. Researching the US address Green Valley listed in the 8-K, it looks to be a box at a UPS an unlisted cell number. Dais needs to clarify a few things.

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