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  • jk_oblong jk_oblong Jul 16, 1999 7:25 AM Flag

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    • <EOM>

    • There are a couple of real SCUMBAGS that are
      getting on my nerves....OPTS....who the hell is this
      guy??? been here 2 weeks and my guess he is just a
      PUNK...some day he'll get his ass kicked...or maybe he was
      BEATEN as a child.....I Don't care what people believe
      or don not believe.......Things are as they are????
      right........CASH FLOW IS GOOD, Earnings are Good, Less stock
      outstanding, Sold off businesses that do not fit our CORE,
      CREDIBILITY is and will be further enhanced by WEDNESDAY, BY
      cash flow alone we ought to be trading at $28-32
      range.....even if our Growth rate was half of what it is
      projected to be???Can never project what the MARKET is
      going to do Tomorrrow but, add all of the above plus
      THE STREET upgrades and we have the makings of a BLOW
      OFF for CD!!!!!Still looking at the following:
      by end of AUGUST
      $30 by january 2000
      $40 when
      suits are resolved...don't see above $30 til this
      unless EARNINGS growth rate BLOWS us
      OPTS if you read this you are PUNK!

    • This evening and look at the HAMMERING I am
      taking for my post to TINCUP.....No lies, no CRAP, I
      tell it like it is! You guys know it....Yes i am
      loaded up but this is not my only holding......Less than
      1/4 of total investment holdings
      But lets forget
      that for now.......What I do with my time is my
      business......Watch CNBC, Research and read while I'm
      WATCHING/LISTENING To the TV.......I Believe when you DO the proper
      research and BELIEVE in the company and its FUTURE you
      take a substantial position!!! and continue to ADD to
      it when others FAIL to see the same things you do
      ......THEY WILL EVENTUALLY if you are CORRECT.....AND IN
      THIS CASE I AM and have been correct.......The others
      have had their vision clouded a little longer than
      some of us........NOW they are JUMPING on the
      BANDWAGON!!!!! Is that not how you make MONEY???? SEE something
      before Others do and CAPITALIZE ON IT........THE
      AMERICAN DREAM< CAPITALISM!!!!!!!!!!Read all of my
      posts from the last YEAR.....I trade a little and BUY a
      LOT!!!! No BULLsh*t here but there seems to be a BUNCH
      from the SHORTS and those who are relatively new at
      INVESTING......Think what you want, believe waht you want, ........but
      the facts are I have made a LOT on this stock and as
      I have said before.......THIS IS JUST THE

    • That is something I had not considered... but I
      find it unlikely.

      Trades are not posted until
      executed, and once executed, they are posted immediately to
      the system. That much I know.

      So in theory,
      someone could have put in a buy request at the time the
      stock was around $22 5/8 and it got misplaced and not
      executed until later. But if this happened, the trader
      does not go back and say "Oh my, when this was
      actually requested at 1 pm the stock was at a much higher
      price... let me give the investor that price. No way.

      It would get executed and posted at the market price
      when the guy finally got around to executing it. And
      there is no such thing as a misplaced posting - it is
      automatic / computerized upon execution.

      When you
      say "time order" there is no such thing as far as I
      am aware that an investor can put in an order that
      says "buy CD at 2:12 EDT at whatever the price is at
      that moment", and that the broker can just have such
      requests pile up, and then at 4:00 say "Oh, never
      fulfilled that one... let me see what the price was at
      2:12". No way. Bad for the investor, bad for the trader.
      What if the stock announced a merger and jumped 10
      points while the "time order" was "mislaid". The broker
      would get creamed.


    • Well said.

    • CD Fair Value 28.00

      Barbara Marcin, Gabelli Asset Management
      Marcin has been a "Wall $treet Week With Louis Rukeyser"
      panelist since 1996. She is a mutual fund manager for
      Gabelli Asset Management, which she joined in 1999. She
      has also worked for Fiduciary Trust and Citibank.

      Martin Zweig (Zweig Funds)> In this environment are
      there some stocks you like.

      Barbara Marcin >
      Yes there are, CENDANT (NYSE:CD) which was formed by
      the merger of HFS & CUC. Has really been through a
      ringer last year. They had discovered stiff improper
      accounting practices.
      They have very important
      properties like Avis, Cold Well Banker.

      They have tremendous cash flow, and the recovery is
      not reflected in the stock price.

      Corporation NYSE Symbol CD �In S&P 500 11-JUL-99
      Services (Commercial & Consumer) Summary: This major
      provider of consumer and business services was known as
      CUC International prior to a December 1997 stock-swap
      merger with HFS Inc.

      Recent Price 20.63..52 Wk
      Range 22.56 - 6.50 Yield Nil..12-Mo. P/E 24.6

      Quantitative Evaluation: Outlook (1 Lowest - 5 Highest)
      Fair Value 28.00

      Overview 10-MAY-99

      1999, we look for revenue to be up 16%, to about $5.9
      billion. However, CD's expected divestiture of
      non-strategic businesses could cause this projection to be
      changed. Before unusual items, we estimate operating cash
      flow (EBITDA) growth of 24%, to $1.9 billion.
      Including about $360 million of non-cash
      depreciation/amortization, and roughly $200 million of net interest expense,
      net income is expected to reach $880 million, or
      $1.05 a share. Excluding a variety of non-recurring or
      unusual items, this compares to about $705 million, or
      $0.80 a share, for 1998, including some businesses that
      may be divested in 1999. In September 1998, the
      company restated its earnings for 1995-97, including an
      adverse impact of $0.26 a share on 1997 results, related
      to what CD termed accounting irregularities and
      errors. Directors have authorized a $1.6 billion stock
      repurchase program.



    • Many time orders are logged out of sequence....
      prices don't have to correlate to bid/ask.
      since CD
      did hit 22 5/8... then that order was simply logged
      out of sequence. like maybe it was sitting on
      somebody's desk or was incorrect and then corrected or what
      not. Nobody has to buy or sell anything to paint the

      You also have to remember that specialist are making
      a market like nasd MM but are working on a
      different system.

    • I don't claim to be an expert in this area (like
      some people on this board who are millionaires and
      experts at everything). I will try to find out from
      people I know on the Street.

      I am familiar with
      Tape Painting as follows:

      If for some reason
      the market maker or other market forces want a stock
      price to appear higher, they can arrange to purchase a
      small amount of shares at a price higher than the true

      Of course the player has to be powerful enough to
      influence the market maker, or be in cahoots with the
      market maker. If a stock is at $22 and you put in a buy
      order at $24, of normally they will give it to you at
      $22 (or say $22 1/4 to be greedy).
      If a buy order
      is put in higher than market price you get it "at
      the market". This is a law to prevent brokers from
      ripping you off. Still happens in maybe 1/8 increments,

      The trader is not supposed to sell you shares at a
      higher price even if you ask, BUT, if someone tells him
      "No, I REALLY want to pay $24!" he "can" make it so.
      Hence the last trade of the day goes off at $24 and the
      stock "closes" at $24.

      Normally, the text day,
      the real market ebb and flow returns the stock to a
      proper valuation. Stock opens down.

      Why not paint
      the tape to say... $40? Uh uh. It has to be
      reasonable / defendable from the trader's point of view.
      Because it is illegal. A huge gap the SEC would
      investigate, and the guy would have no defense. So most tape
      painting is of the less-than-$0.50 variety.

      tape paint? I can't say for sure. Influence the sheep
      in the market to maintain the higher price on the
      open next day? Stock option expiry?

      I guess I
      don't know because it does not influence the small
      investor like myself. Usually tape painting is an
      after-hours phenomenon, and like someone else on this board
      said "Sure the close is $22 5/8 for CD today, but just
      try selling your shares at that price".

      already checked. If you as a small investor wanted to
      sell your CD shares Friday after the close, they were
      offereing $21 3/4 - 7/8. Credit tape painting for the other
      3/4 on the close -which is a surprising gap up.
      Someone could get in trouble for it unless they have a
      VERY good explanation why that trade was made at that
      price, in small volume after the close. But this
      probably happens 200 times a day on various stocks, the
      SEC cannot investigate them all.


    • and have been long the stock since shortly after
      it tanked last year. I have a modest position, (now
      15% of my portfolio), which I added to after the
      auction announcement. We (longs) should expect two
      immediate benefits:

      First: the share price should

      Second: as it does, posts from all the losers, (yani, will decrease :)

      Best regards to all...

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