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  • dbceoret dbceoret May 26, 2000 9:53 PM Flag

    Identify on Yahoo/AOL Can Be Revealed?

    Erik Hvide, I believe is the owner/ceo of

    Hvide Marine, a company he has led straight
    bankruptcy and taken his shareholders with him. Nothing
    particularly good could have been
    said about the
    individual. The lawsuit is

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    • Amazing, I believe that the law suite tries to
      make the argument that the negative messages, and
      character defamation on the Yahoo and AOL message boards,
      helped take down the CEO and therefore, contributed to
      the eventual bankuptcy.

      This is unbelievable,
      yet this first judge found for the plaintiff and the
      innocent message board writer's name was disclosed. Now
      the whole world knows who he is.