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  • Without_malice Without_malice Apr 22, 1999 5:31 PM Flag

    results are in and I see


    we lost a penny compared to last year. I suppose
    that might not be too bad, but to misquote the late
    Everett Dirkson, a penny here, a penny there, pretty soon
    we're talking about real money! At this hour I haven't
    read nor heard the song put out on the company organ,
    but I'll be interested where they are pointing their
    fingers this time!

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    • timeis235959 wrote on 06/07/1999 at 11:28 am

      >So you heard a "rumar...from an unknown source" - my
      barber is
      >full of information too, but I know his

      I dunno, I read it in the Green Bay
      Press-Gazette that Wells Fargo offered $48 per share. And since
      they are the absolute last to ever report any news, I
      guess it is feasable that everyone else in town knew
      about it frist.

    • is discussed in an article today at

    • If anything, ASBC would be the purchaser in an
      Amcore deal. Amcore has a market cap of $600 million,
      ASBC $2.1 billion. Amcore assets are under $4 billion,
      ASBC over $11 billion. Unless they got a whole lot of
      capital infused, Amcore couldn't do it, and ASBC holders
      would own 75% of the resulting company.

    • have anything to do with the amount of directors,
      presidents of local area and other usually high paid
      I know usually the big boys tray and "streamline"
      the # number of people down from the higher paid
      positions to the "REGIONAL DIRECTOR" title. WOW!!! Sound
      familiar? AMCORE bought some locations and four years later
      almost all of the people that used to bring in all the
      business have joined the "local" bank, had a branch built
      for them, and have heavily impacted them.


    • AmCore is in no position to buy anybody. That
      bank has been underperforming for a while

      What is interesting is that they are starting to act
      and sound alot like FOA and MTL did before they were
      bought. Consolidating charters, consolidating operations,
      cutting expenses, what management calls becoming a lean
      mean banking machine. It also happens to be everything
      you need to do to make being bought as easy as
      possible on the buyer. I wouldn't be looking to AmCore to
      buy ASBC.

      Question: Why do you (or anybody
      else) think that fewer charters is better? Operational
      efficiencies? Cost Savings? Just curious.

    • aquisition/merger mode right now. They just made
      announcements to combine all of the independant charters into
      one. Sounds like that is something other people should
      consider doing. At least down to a couple, instead of 8 or
      9, like some other "banks".

      They are going to
      keep the same operations for now, but we all know that
      is going to change once things fall into

      See Ya,

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    • Thanks for the well thought out and easy to read
      post regarding ASBC's potential suitors. Another MOE
      partner to consider is Amcore (AMFI) who has a small
      presence in Wisconsin, is based in Rockford, and is in
      many of the same areas as ASBC in Illinois. Just
      another thought to consider, again with the idea of
      double-dipping down the road.

      I don't think there is much
      to the most recent rumor of either FSR (to busy with
      MTL deal) or WFC (ditto with Norwest deal). But what
      do the rest of you out there think?

      whisper numbers out yet for 2nd quarter? Anyone with
      insight on how this quarter should look? Based upon the
      published accounts, 2nd quarter might be another down
      period, but then they better pick it up afterwards, or a
      sale will likely be pressured. All IMHO...

    • As the holders of number one and number two
      market share, respectively, in Wisconsin, MRIS and FSR
      would have anti-trust problems with ASBC purchase. Both
      would be required to divest of assets/deposits in the
      Fox River Valley, Wausau and likely Milwaukee and
      Madison markets as well. ASBC's downstate Illinois
      franchise is not a big attraction for either, at least at
      the premium ASBC would require. USB is a possibility
      as is Wells Fargo (old Norwest) as both have some
      presence in WI and IL already. It seems to me that Old
      Kent is a likely suitor and perhaps CMA, KEY, NCC and
      FITB, as well. An MOE with TCB is also a possibility
      with the eye toward a double-dip in a few years by
      selling the resulting franchise to one of the same
      potential buyers several years down the road. ASBC has to
      put up some numbers over the next four quarters or it
      will get pressure to sell.

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