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  • pmcpcc60 pmcpcc60 Jun 13, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    What is wrong w/ you people

    All this talk about doom and gloom....Glencore is going to crush the small guy. Look at the facts.....
    Why would Glencore do the rights offering if they do not think the approvals are going thru. They have been funding and sponsering this approval process since the last time it did not pass ( The reason for failure last time was a people issue not a process issue) Tell me in plain english why this does not have true up side with Glencore, Local and State backing that this is going to bottom out and go belly-up.

    Everything I see is right on for a nice return......

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Oh!, this is an easy call for sure.

      It's called the USEPA, it's called the Tribes and Wild Rice/Sulfide levels to be determined, and last but not least the Lawyered up Friends of the Boundary Waters.

      You are a fool to put any cash to work until the head of the USEPA comes up to the podium and says Polymet won't pollute, and they won't do that, not for a long time. Have you ever heard of the Dunka Pit? The USEPA are their and still fighting a losing battle with that pollute for forever site. It's near where Polymet will mine and has a determining factor in this project. No question about that.

      I have heard all of this before, and all Polymet has done is con you and everyone else of their cash.

      Fools all, who own one share of this yet to be anything company.

      Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. Listen, since forever all that has ever been said is Glencore this, that and whatever. Just get out, wait for some real news, and before that news ever happens you can buy this real cheap, like $,50 cents cheep... Guaranteed...BOB

    • Glencore is in the business to make money. If you don't get how it works then nobody here will be able to explain it to you. No matter what happens Glencore wins.
      And last time was not a "people issue", it was the EPA PROCESS. Polymet said they would pollute. If you have money in this I suggest you get it out quick because it's obvious you don't know what you're doing.

      • 1 Reply to charleslars79
      • I get how it works......I agree w/ you Glencore is in it to make money. So you are telling me they are investing in PLM. Becoming a major shareholder to have it go down the sink and they lose as well. It is not being filed under some obscure name w/ a link to Glencore this is tied to the main purse strings and is part of their growth projection as an overall corporation.

        I get what you are saying but I think their is an upside to this buying at the offering price for those who have stock and take advantage of the dip in stock today and expect maybe a dime more before it holds and runs in July for a 40 plus % gain.

        Tell me why you are so sure of this and why you are hanging out in here if this is such a bust?

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