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  • pmcpcc60 pmcpcc60 Jun 19, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

    Do you reaaly know what you are talking about?

    The land is privately held. Currently there is no rice production, boundary water activities or recreational decline going to take place if the mine is approved or not approved.
    The permit request that took place a few years back was a good learning experience and a gauge of was and is expected to begin production. There is no way it would have been approved first time around. The involvement of Glencore and the track record of this team are outstanding. They know the regulatory and environmental impact and would not be in so deep if they were not able to receive partial or full operating approval.
    Even a partial would give this stock a bounce to $4-5 and full is an $8-10 strong stock.
    Not sure why the same old negative old goats are on this site throwing all the BS about this opportunity.
    Bottom line the steps for the reverse osmosis technology, the job opportunities in this depressed area and the revenue this will bring to State and Federal is a win for all.
    So you think the State funded environmental groups who you all are saying they will fight this to the end. Will be spending money on both ends to approve and disapproveā€¦..Get a clue people.

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    • This is the same old Polymet insider pump this board has spewed for years and years.

      Back before the last EIS it was assumed that the EIS was going to fly through the process, all homework was done and 24 million spent to make sure this came about. All politicians were on board, the jobs were needed, and this company wanna be was set to rocked upward and onward. Guess what happened? The USEPA said NO FARKING WAY. Too everything.

      This time will be no different Folks.

      Now, add to the fact that we are in the throws of a major correction, that will dry up all liquidity, and I assure you this means NO ONE will stand in line to fund the $600 million dollars that will be needed to get this project up and running in the near future. Say at least 2 years and probably more if this is a 2008 type crash and it most certainly will be.

      Every consumer is tapped out and banks will take huge losses this time around because The Fed has shot their wad, and will have a serious blow laid upon them from a credibility standpoint. Copper and all things in the ground now will be more than satisfied with above ground inventory, and below ground potential.

      To keep this brief, there is no way Polymet sees the light of day under this scenario when DEBT is way higher today than in 2008.

      So, us older, and more experienced Folks are trying to tell you fools that you are trying to catch lightening in a bottle and you most certainly will lose your shirts here. Why risk these head winds when if as you say this goes to $8 bucks, you'll have plenty of time to buy shares when things become clearer. Besides, if you think Polymet won't pollute then you are most certainly a idiot, and have done no due diligence as to how important an issue this is...B

    • Nice pump job. Same old same old for years. Another newbie with the same old pump. It's getting VERY old. Glencores track record? You better look again.

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