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  • vernespunky vernespunky Aug 13, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    EPA has completed their review of the PSDEIS

    Comments were minimal

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has completed its review of the Preliminary Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (PSDEIS) for the development of PolyMet’s Minnesota copper and nickel mine.

    In a letter sent August 7, 2013, to the U.S. Forest Service, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA provides constructive recommendations for preparing the draft EIS for additional public feedback.

    Two highlights from the EPA’s letter reflect the significant progress made in preparing the EIS for project approval decision-making, including:
    “The PSDEIS, along with the additional information provided to EPA during its review, reflects significant progress in designing and clearly documenting the project.”
    “EPA appreciates the collaborative and constructive discussions we have had with the co-lead agencies since receiving the PSDEIS. In these discussions, we have covered all of the areas where EPA had questions or comments.”

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    • I would hope at this point the comments would be minimal as they have been at this for 8 years. I still feel the EPA will drag this out as long as they can though.

    • so to put it in a nutshell everything so far so good

      • 3 Replies to charles_lacy2003
      • Chuckie, your are one dumb SOB. Do you read? Know the history of the project? Truly, you are the most idiotic, stupidest person I have ever read here.

      • Hey, Chuck, you better break hard left boy, that Finger guy is coming up hard on your six o'clock position. You know what happens when he gets in close.

        Better buy some of that CDY, this is only the preliminary supplemental possible could be might you send me more paper phase. It is all about Permitts.......or the lack thereof.

        That EPA can't be trusted, they will want all the old pollution cleaned up first, then they will be ready to talk about the PPPSARDEISPO. They keep adding more letters to the agenda. And there is still many more Permitts after that. They ain't even got a shovel, let alone that used pick up truck yet. It ain't coming soon Chuck.

        Probably be called the PPPSARDEISPO (Potential Possible Preliminary Supplemental Added Rough Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Planning Only. More agencies will want a piece of the action. The Finger Guy is hard and on it.

      • Everything so far is good, in a nut shell? DID YOU EVEN READ THE LETTER dated Aug. 7th from the EPA to Polymet? Did you? I just did. 18 pages of what else the EPA wants to see in writing. 18 pages of what Polymet missed. Here we go again. Just unbelievable. READ IT and then tell me it's all good in a nut shell. From what I read Polymet has not addressed all the issues. From what I read the EPA is still very concerned about pollution and from what I read Polymet has not addressed all that needs to be addressed. WOW, wait until this gets out. No wonder they didn't PR the letter. Do you see a PR? Why not?

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