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  • birchroad2002 birchroad2002 Dec 22, 2013 11:10 PM Flag

    I give a Toast!

    Standing at the end of the faucet, pouring a glass of Polymet water and raising a toast to success. Water thats cleaner than the water you drink from your kitchen sink. Three Million Gallons Baby! Three million gallons of sulfate liquid were passed through the "Reverse Osmosis" water treatment system and come out clean enough to drink! Environmental stewardship to this level really empresses me. The process Polymet has embraced will make them untouchable!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Well, lets do a little math. It could very well cost 1 million dollars to treat the water you boast of each year. This will be a constant treatment after closure when all ingredients for Acid Mine Drainage will have been dispersed through the system from mining for 20 years. Multiply this by 200 years and then 500 years (at least). Now, lets be generous and say a $500,000 a year to treat the worst contaminated site in America at year 20 of mining. That equates to $100 Million for 200 years and $250 million for 500 years not including maintenance or the rebuild of several water treatment facilities. I'm sure the facilities have a natural life cycle, right?. It is this wide discrepancy and costs potential that the USEPA wants to avoid being put on the citizens of the United States as the company, Polymet, have long since bankrupted in court their responsibility to clean up and maintain the site after closure. All of these costs are in todays dollars.

      Just Google: costs to maintain a water treatment plant for some easy to understand math.

      It is a no brainer that Polymet gets an EU3, Do Not Proceed and Dead on Arrival.

    • Amen to that, birchroad. Polymet has done their homework well. They are on track.

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