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  • bob_trammel bob_trammel Apr 28, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    This is a suckers bet Folks, don't buy it...

    ...please! You just sit back and watch. This goes lower still, this is just a dead cat bounce. My goodness the volatility here and we are talking a penny stock. Hey, I got a shout out from lolwoods1 today. Now that boy and I go way back and he lost his arrsss. Don't be like him, don't listen to him as he is no different than Jjeedo, losers both. Big time, like hundreds of thousands lost!!! Yikes!

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    • Mr. Trammel, Why are you trying to save us all from this project? You seem to be sure that this whole project will be a failure. Are you trying to be nice? Why don't you just let everyone lose their money? Look at the big picture. It will ensure that any other ventures of this kind will not be undertaken. You and bslimegirl post something almost everyday denigrating this project. I can only assume that you are shorting, or have decided to try and kill this project by fighting the investors, thereby turning their sentiment against this project.

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      • germanywhatever, I stay for one reason, make this place a big pass through when someone new comes here and even thinks this is worth their time. Polymet will NOT be permitted, and the market agrees with me. That's why. OH!, USEPA agrees too, Polymet does after all have an official EU3, the worst grade possible. Some will insist on EC2 but all that is is semantics.Lastly, you go right ahead a loss your cash, I really don't care, I do care as I have said to those who's minds I can sway and it only takes one for me to feel good and conscious free.

    • Trammel...shut the _ell up! It's our $$ and some of us are gamblers....weren't you going to play golf or something, get beat up on the you are irritating...but you like that don't you??

    • Fool. PLM will be fine. The reserves are proven and easy to get. The permit process takes time but the opposition is weak and underfunded. Do you think Gelncore is going to walk away from its almost 1/2 billion dollar bet? Unlike Key

      I am just buying the dips with spare cash. I never bet the farm on any 1 stock but PLM is as solid a bet as any.
      I just made a few grand on my added shares from friday as documented below but have no plans to sell . My cost basis is still well south of $1.00. I'll let this baby ride for years.

      No Dilution and a floor of $1.29 Set
      by sharkofchicago • Apr 26, 2014 12:50 AM

      Was in below a buck and sorry to have missed the run up. Had a buy order in for months at $1.11 and it finally tripped.

      PLM will get its approval, everything just takes time. I live in MN, most people here are fairly sensible. The greenies yell a lot but they are not the majority and Gov. Dayton is very sensible for a Democrat and definitely not anti business. The state can use the tax money the water problem really is solved.

      Am I wrong or didn't Glencore just reaffirm its bet on PLM? The term was just EXTENDED and for a price of $1.29 in 18 months. Copper is down a bit now but by the time the mine is online the price of copper will probably have gone up and down several times. If it drops to .90 I will buy more but I bet we see $1.30 first. On Approval this stock doubles at least.

      "Earlier today, PolyMet announced the term of the convertible debentures originally issued in 2008 to Glencore AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Glencore Xstrata plc ("Glencore"), had been extended for one year to September 30, 2015 (previously due September 30, 2014).

      Douglas Newby, Chief Financial Officer, commented, "The debentures are convertible at a set price of US$1.2920 per share upon receipt of permits and construction finance. The extension reflects continued support from our largest shareholder and does not impact our anticipated schedule for permits in spring 2015

      Sentiment: Buy

    • hows that cardero stock working out for you

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