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  • bonitaspring52 bonitaspring52 May 2, 2014 8:14 AM Flag

    Lofwoos1 do you mean postings like this:))))

    "judylongyear • 20 minutes ago
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    Oh please bonita, shut up. First you have files and now it's your business to inform the Yahoo board? You're a fraud. You don't own anything. You're nothing but an idiot pumper ready to argue with anyone who doesn't see it your way. Let's see if you're for real. We'll be looking for you at the meeting. Big words from the little man, he won't show. He's a fraud and a coward."

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    • That seems pretty typical of the blather that some post on this board hour after hour. I remember their first posts when they "took over the board" and their statement was "This is our board now." They have since driven intelligent postings off the board or made it so difficult to find the posts that many give up in disgust. It is nice to know that Polymet's future doesn't depend on posts to the Yahoo message board.

    • Lofwoos1
      This is one of my favorite.
      "Let keep this for the record bslimegirl.
      Reply to Proposed bill would kick EPA regulations to the curb in Minnesota by bonitasprings52 •Mar 20, 2014 9:04 AM
      bslimegirl • 9 minutes ago
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      Nice try nut job. We all know why your id was removed by Yahoo. Just like all future id's of yours will be removed. We will flag every post of yours that violates the terms of use here. Just like the post you just made. Hacking into emails? Get serious, you're an idiot. Less"

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