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  • landorair landorair Jun 12, 2004 1:49 AM Flag

    Question: Isn't it possible that the

    shorts have already covered? When this trades 20-60 million shares in a day...the 3-4 million shares that are short very well could have been covered. The Yahoo short position is not up to date at all. Its very possible that many shorts are already covered.

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    • been_there_done_that_twice been_there_done_that_twice Jun 12, 2004 8:07 AM Flag

      NO. Probably more. Don't blame the Yahoo! number for being old. Short interest is released once a month. We should get the June 10 figures this week, which would include the massive volume day on Wednesday.

      I suspect it will be higher.

    • i know alot of people who have not bought shares yet..that were waiting for a pullback to get in...they have been waiting to buy since 5..then 12....this weekend thats all we been talking about..IPIX...alot of people have been on the side lines of IPIX...but i believe if we open anywhere south of 15....they will come pouring in

    • yeah it is hard to say. with so many shares trading. with the price going from ten to twelve over the week it seems that the short position probably declined. but i have no info on this. the squeeze may not be as huge as people think it is. and remember,all these longs are not as loyal as they seem.many will ,dump this stock like they did in april when it was above 20 for one day.