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  • ron_rj ron_rj Feb 17, 2006 9:36 AM Flag

    Oh Oh could mean Big Trouble ahead

    I was lucky, I got out last week at 13.20. New CFO quitting like that bodes many questions. I guess thats why they released their numbers this morn and they look good. Billing irregularities can be serious if true. No telling how big a drop this can take

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    • You would think an experienced CFO from a large trucking background would obviously not let a revenues from one quarter to another upset him, as I agree it is a common occurance. There exits the possibility that it is much more serious than that and he did not want to get impicated.

    • Billing irregularities typically mean that revenue may hve been pushed or pulled from one quarter to another.

      Having followed the management of a family trucking for many years i know how these matters can come up and how they cannot have any impact on the balance sheet or income statement iin any consequential manner.

      Frozen trucking is a premium cost business and with FFEX's position in this key market their revenue will continue to climb rapicly.

      this is a short term and unbelievablely cheap buying opportunity.

    • We'll I'm screwed. I just bought the breakout. 10 weeks on the job as CFO is not good. Could be related party issues.

      BTW... how did you become the first poster on this thread. There are a couple of stocks that I follow that don't have a thread yet and I would like to start one.