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  • bobbymcgee59 bobbymcgee59 Mar 7, 2012 11:46 PM Flag

    Daniel Baxter aka anticoll


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    • anticoll, so good to see you called out its pathetic how u have pumped nonsensical bs. obvious that you were just posting to rid the board of non favorable posts. First let me say its fun to watch what a effin idiot u r, thanks for the comedy. Secondly, if you had a brain cell u would see that the people who understand the company and the business are upset because this WAS such a great company. What a spoiled opportunity. Probably what your dad said when u turned 21

    • Well as a daytrader ypu might want to look at a soothing tea, this is not a day trading stock, but who am I to say anything to you? Glad you are doing so well Daniel at this but, have not seen you make any money trading this and it sure aint a day trade.

    • Oh Daniel, say hi to Justin for me. Just look over you shoulder and say hi... he sits right behind you. Would you like my truck number?? Maybe it is time for me to contact the lawyer and get the layover and all the miles FFEX stole from me. Keep posting here and I will. YES I was a driver for 16 months dealt with you and all the other deceivers there. Already been counseled by a lawyer to do it. Walter Black may be gone but, you will have to answer. Hey do remember this? Do you like football?? How about home time for the super bowl............. Sad, I dont know how you do it.
      Lets see, students hitting school buses, 4 trailers stolen out of Detroit. Why dont you speak truth? All this in the last 2 months?

      Sad indeed this is pushing me to go to the lawyer and it wont be for me but all the others screwed out of miles, layover and detention time that is collected and not passed on to driver; as was to be when I was hired at 25/hr. Per Walter Black when I was the keys,"we dont pay that anymore" As a lawyer told me this is criminal, not only labor law.

      There is a reason there is so many student drivers, and the DOT should come in there, perhaps a little undercover?? FFE needs to be shut down for the safety of people eating the food gone bad and improperly trained drivers going down the road in 80000 lb bombs. Saftey is not the key here or driver retention. It is about 27c a mile and being held hostage on the road. Not a good formula.