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  • roderickb99 roderickb99 Jan 15, 2009 11:47 AM Flag

    Monster Volume 1.15 is a Buy or a Sell Sign?

    43,000 shs at 11 46 EST!

    Some one wants out.

    Or knows something.


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    • You say someone wants out when they are selling 46,000 shares ...
      but, isn't someone also buying those 46,000 shares ..., what does that mean? Does it mean someone wants "in"? OR, there is a rally going on or a Bullish Sign? Every seller has a buyer ... and every buyer has a seller .... that's what it means!!!
      Now if insiders were buying or selling.......... that would be a more direct correlation perhaps.

    • whether anyone on the board knew someone in the hardware
      business, owned a store, or whatnot. It would be interesting to get their
      perspective. Refer to Hillman's announcement. Dividends are to be deferred
      for six months starting this January 2009 and will be payable in July 2009.
      That's the announcement, but whether they can follow through, time will
      tell. This is not a highly profitable business, and the company's debt load
      is challenging.

    • i am new to this site so bear with me
      as I underwstand the div are accul.
      HIM- matures in 2027 and are callable at 25.00 per share and are non voting
      there are vopting common shares which are privatly helds
      I spoke to the hilman girl serviceing a mstore and she said the co was doing good and infact recieved 65 new accounts
      also I called 2 local hurricane shutter co,s and were thol that HiPoint was a class company
      hope this helps
      Ed from naples

    • If you will review the messages, the posters are under-
      standing about the dividend deferral as explained in
      the company's press release, i. e., to comply with
      creditor covenants. Our worry now is the company's

    • Deferring a dividend on a preferred stock to drive the price down to avoid paying face value for the agreed redemption value is market manipulation. Even if the underlying facts were true and they need to defer dividends, then the use of corporate funds to buy back the devalued shares that would otherwise have gone to dividends would launch a thousand derivative lawsuits – a top contention would be fraud.

      This whole line of thinking presumes bad faith in the deferral of dividends and I think people have gone off track here.

    • Your reasoning would be applicable to any firm issuing
      preferred stock because all preferreds are down substantially. There are disincentives for employing
      such a tactic; in fact, there are disincentives for
      deferring dividends or suspending them.

    • At 2:15 PM on Jan 15, 2009 I spoke with Investor Relations and was assured that the Company is "on target" and is definitely not aware of the huge stock change today---can only speculate but Business is strong and there is no need to panic!

    • I used to love this stock especially on margin.
      Used other peoples money to earn nice divivdend.
      This could be dangerous though.


    • It may be to cover a margin call.
      Where is the bottom if there is one?
      Sure doesn't act very good.


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