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  • hachi05man hachi05man Mar 18, 2008 6:37 PM Flag

    Time For Reverse, 1 for 10 Stock Split

    Having DFR stock at a buck a share is a disaster both psycologically and financially. When astock gets that low everyone automatically thinks Chapter 11. Now, we all know that mgmt has screwed up big time so far and it seems to be an ostrich with its' head in the sand..but if there's any hope at all it should at least get the price closer to $10/share IMO so that it doesn't look so forlorn. An immediate 1/10 reverse split could get the price up without any harm to anyone. We'll all have nothing but tax write-offs otherwise. Which reminds me: if you take your write-off now you'll get 15% or so back. If you wait until Obama is president and raises the capital gains tax a ton you'll do a lot better!!

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    • First, everyone, please stop yacking about the benefits of DFR going bankrupt so that equity holders can have writeoffs. Many shareholders, including me, have DFR in IRAs and we get NO writeoffs in those accounts.

      The notion that "no one will get hurt by a 1-10 reverse split is also a fallacy. Having owned way more than my share of penny stocks that did RVS splits, I can say from experience that a when a $1 stock backsplits 1-10 and becomes a $10 stock, the first thing that happens is the $10 stock drops like a rock and becomes a $2-$4 stock. I say we are better off leaving things as is, and when (not if) the market recovers, the surviving REITs will stabilize, as they always do, and return to more normal levels.

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