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  • carolinaswede carolinaswede Jul 4, 2008 12:05 AM Flag

    Ambac Announces $50 Million Share Buyback Program


    Uh huh... what did you think when you read them all? The interesting filing was by Dart. They bought more than they were allowed and were forced to sell back the excess to keep them under the maximum percentage they were allowed to own.

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    • Being new to the stock market and having a few hundred shares in DFR, what does all of that mean? I figure you folks can better explain to me than some broker by putting this in simple terms! LOL Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.

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      • If you are new to the market....know this! It is a very dangerous place to just indescriminately plunk down your money. It is a different animal than it was even ten years ago. The ability of big money to manipulate....even sound stocks, is a powerful influence. This and the advent of instant world communications coupled with unending BS, creates volitility unlike the market has ever known.

        Be warned. These message boards are 99% noise and 1% useful information. They are like a football stadium full of baby birds. All the 'voices' begging for attention.

        Do your own research, learn to read company reports and study the message boards looking for the few level-headed, intelligent posters as there are a few.

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