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  • hizwizbiz hizwizbiz Aug 12, 2009 2:53 PM Flag

    Aahhh Yes, back to Manipulate/Accumulate.....

    Well, here we are again... In accumulation mode.
    Those who are DESPERATE for YOUR shares are now back
    at it with their "walking down" the PPS with 100, 200,
    100, 50, 200, 100, etc share transactions; trading
    back-and-forth with each other until they get someone
    to cough up their shares out of pure frustration. That's
    when you'll see that spike of a 500, 1000, 2000 etc share
    order pop up out of nowhere. It's an age old technique.
    Of course it's also illegal by intent.

    These same manipulators will "fill/jam the order queue"
    with their bogus orders so that yours (if you have a
    standing order at the right, higher price) doesn't get up to bat.

    ANYONE watching the decay in share price here would have to
    be unconscious not to see this. It's in-your-face,
    purposeful directing. With good reason. There are no reasons
    (except for this bogus manipulating) why the PPS should not
    be going up from here. Slowly. Rationally. But up, nonetheless.

    The longer these folks keep the PPS down, the more they can
    accumulate. They know, just as you do, that the price HAS TO
    go up from here. Only thing is... they didn't buy their
    shares when you did. So now they will put the PPS in stall
    mode while you, the average Joe trader, wonders what the
    hell is going on.

    Wonder not. They only have so many shares available to do
    this with. And besides, you can screw them by buying up the
    shares (at a lower price) they are using to do their dirty

    The main reason I'm not getting into a "here's what the PPS
    should be" routine... is that(to anyone who really
    understands trading) 90% of how a stock trades is based on
    emotion. Only 10% on stats.

    Regardless of the fact that DFR's management and PR people
    SUCK (at least on the surface, imo)... the earnings results
    are at the very least good-to-excellent. If they can do that
    now, in these times, you can bet it's going to get MUCH

    Don't throw in the towel or throw your shares away to these
    sheep-herding crooks. The reason you bought in- was to make
    out on your purchase. Now that the news is all good and the
    time is nearer than you think... Don't do what they SO WANT
    YOU TO DO.

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    • Well, I pretty much disagreed with your take (what I figured was just another disgruntled whiner)
      on this as trying to find someone else to blame. However, I'm beginning to wonder what's going on here. I bought in here in August, only to see a steady slide for 4 straight months. This is very suspect, considering there really hasn't been any bad news.

      I find that the pattern you've mentioned really has repeated itself over and over. I can't imagine who's doing this or why it's happening. I am surprised that whoever is doing it continues to be successful at it. I've noticed that there will be a continual bleeding of PPS at very small number of shares per order and then..... out of the blue, a bid for 7, 8 or more thousand shares. There definitely seems to be something fishy going on.

      I guess it doesn't really matter since it will probably continue to happen. I'm just the little frog in a big pond (of scum, evidently) needing to get it off my chest.

    • I disagree. This price action is typical of a thinly traded stock that has made a big move.

      Back on Aug 5, I saw the news item hit that started this move. I had time to read the news release and hit the ask at $4.73. The ask had not moved as a result of the news item, and I'm a slow reader. In fact, it took a bit of time before the upmove really got underway. I sold my trade at $5. The stock traded much higher that day and continued the move on subsequent days, and then gapped up again after earnings. It has since backfilled that gap. Again, normal price action indicative of an under-followed stock.

      When a stock doesn't trade the way you think it should, it may be tempting to blame it on manipulation, but that doesn't make it true. The fact is that this stock moved substantially higher on news events, and now there are plenty of people who want to take profits. Normal stuff.

    • Very reasonable viewpoint. I happen to agree but not able to put it in words as well as you......thanks for passing it on to others.

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      • It's at the very least- nice to know that it's falling
        on the eyes of a few "thoughtful" people.

        This board is without a doubt (for me) the most "VACANT"
        of any I've seen. Which is perplexing, seeing that there
        are SO MANY who are SITTING silent AND angry, having been
        financially whacked on this stock.

        Right now, as you read, these folks are conniving to beat
        down the PPS and steal your shares. That's just the way it
        is. It's what they do. It's their bent. It's why they get
        up in the morning.

        BTW- "STOP LOSSES" are the quickest way for you to lose.
        Period. That's one very big reason why what they do can work.

        STOP using 'stop-loss' orders. It plays right into their
        hands. You and everyone else lose with these (except for "them").
        It's says: Yes, this is all I will currently accept to lose; and,

    • Of course it is not normal trading. There is no volume and spread is enormous at times. They wait for the higher buy then cut the legs out with a sell .20 .30 .40 below.

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