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  • subysti_389 subysti_389 Jul 13, 2011 4:16 PM Flag

    Over 8% Dividend Yield

    New to NOK today by picking up 1000 shares @ 5.68. The yield is enticing and hope this is a bottom (at least short term) after a 13% drop from last week.

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    • I was referring to the WM7 launch and those phones not Symbian and feature phones. Yes the operating cash flow was -$245M last Q.
      I don't expect it to continue at that rate each of the remaining quarters of 2011. Although Q2 is not going to be good. They have been reducing their cost structure rapidly. And the development of their Window phones has been subsidized by Microsoft. We need to have this conversation on July 21. After Q2 earnings post. Then we can discuss it from a more informed position.

    • You can't extrapolate numbers from the last Q and come up with anything close to the numbers you just posted. They don't add up or make sense. The only thing you got right was the Cash on hand and Debt load based on the last reported quarter.

      We'll know more after this Q's numbers are reported.

    • "come on the companys sitting on 16 billiuon in cash"

      You are clearly equally clueless.
      First of all $16 billion is not account for debt. If you subtract the debt it is around $9.7 billion.
      Then don't forget to subtract $1.7 billion already spent on dividend in May that hasn't made it to the book yet. So you are down to $8 billion.
      NOK has negative cash flow of $300 million last quarter and is expected to do so for the next 12 months. That's another $1.2 billion. $1-2 billion in restructuring yet to be announced. So we are down to $5 to $5.5 billion. And if you want NOK to pay that 8% dividend yield then that would be another $1.7 billion payout within 10 months. So down to say.... $4 billion.

      So suddenly your supposed $16 billion looks more like $4 billion. This is assuming everything goes according to plan. If WP7 launch fails... then all bets are off and cash will drop even faster.

      Don't forget Nokia's corporate credit recently got downgraded to near JUNK BOND status. Getting cash via credit will be increasingly difficult for NOK.

    • Be Patient--you will be rewarded!

    • Since they only pay the dividend annually, you're t risk for a cut or elimination of that dividend until May 2012. You won't get a penny until then, and that's IF Nokia doesn't cut or eliminate the dividend before then. But good luck to you!

    • You are retarded if you think NOK will be able to issue dividend next year.
      Look at the book. It is running out of cash fast. Cash reserve projected to drop by 50% in 12 months.

      The fictitious yield only appears high because the stock has tanked so much. When the stock goes to $0 I guess your dividend yield will be infinite %??

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