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  • subysti_389 subysti_389 Jul 13, 2011 5:46 PM Flag

    Over 8% Dividend Yield

    Oh, I didn't know it's an annual dividend. Then, I'll sell if it goes above $6.

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    • You shouldn't buy a stock if you don't even know the basics.
      I don't think NOK will ever see $6 this year.

      The company is burning cash at around $300 million a quarter. There will be restructuring cost on the order of another $1-$2 billion. Another $1.7 billion will also disappear when NOK account for dividend issued this past May.

      International marketshare dropping like a brick and will only get worst the longer it drags on from Elops February announcement of switch to WP7.

      Not to put down your trade... just giving you some honest fair warning about NOK. I gave some similar advice here in Dec 2010 and back when stock was at $11. A lot of people could have save themselves 50% drop if they had listened.

      If you don't know what NOK smartphone unit shipment, revenue, average selling price, market cap, earnings are.. you are probably better off throwing your money away at Vegas than buying this stock.

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      • Where did you get the cash burn rate? I saw about $245M for the last Q. But that was last Q. That is not going to be a sustained Q to Q rate.

        You're looking in the rear view mirror.

        Elop and Nokia management have indicated that
        the partnership with Microsoft is intended to reduce Nokia’s device and service expense by 1 billion Euros by 2013
        from 5.65 billion Euros in 2010. That is about $1.42B USD.
        That is just development/marketing costs.
        Nokia's software development costs are being significantly funded by Microsoft. In addition, Nokia just off-loaded 3000 Symbian engineers and support personnel to Accenture. As long as your providing numbers how much will that save?

        Restructuring costs, not all of which are actual cash charges, are a given for any Company in the midst of a re-structuring. As I said, your looking in the Rear View Mirror. Tell us something we don't know.

        And btw, no one yet knows the answer to your last question.
        Nokia smartphone unit shipments? Hasn't been released yet.
        ASP? No clue. Company hasn't decided and released pricing.
        This is a long term turnaround story. Don't believe in Nokia's
        prospects don't buy. Or join the Shorts bandwagon. Nokia will see $6.00 this year. Easily. The Sea Ray launch may bring it to $7.50-$8.00. But that's just my guess. I like it better than yours.

      • "I don't think NOK will ever see $6 this year."

        Really? Just last Thursday it was $6.46.

        "You shouldn't buy a stock if you don't even know the basics."

        Well the basics include variations in the stock price. It will go up and down. It's easy to say it won't hit $6 again this year but when it does (maybe even within a week), your post will long since have been forgotten.

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