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  • cscorona84 cscorona84 Jul 24, 2012 5:44 PM Flag

    Apple Results - An Opinion

    Just as a disclaimer, I had been an owner of an Iphone for 4 years, until I purchased a Lumia 900 this weekend.

    I think what Apple is facing at this point is, for the first time in 10 years, an inflection point in its "Cool" factor.

    Back 5 years ago, if someone pulled out an iPhone, everyone was completely enamored Nowadays, everyone and the brother (and more than likely their 8 year old children) have an iPhone. At a certain point, people want to have something different, something that separates them out from the crowd. Apple used to have that niche, and they rode that niche to the top ("Think Different"). Apple is now running into a conformity problem.

    Ironically enough, the once king of conformity, Microsoft, is now the niche player. Microsoft is the one that is now "Thinking Different", (Steve Wozniak actually thinks Steve Jobs was reincarnated at Microsoft, see link).

    Android, on the other hand, is a soulless, vacant platform. Anyone who has used Android other than die hard techies feel like they are constantly battling with their phone, not their phone helping them go about their day in a productive manor.

    What does this mean for Nokia? It means they have partnered with a new and innovative OS. And not just any OS, an OS that has an already entrenched enterprise base. Any IT department would be thrilled for their employees to bring their Windows Phone into work. The same IT departments run away from Android, and reluctantly accept iPhone OS. In fact, I already know of a few private companies who are moving their workforce away from iPhone into Windows Phone.

    Do I believe Microsoft (and Nokia) are going to completely replace Apple's dominance? No, of course not. I for one still think Apple's products are great. But I am pretty sure that the market is absolutely ripe for a new, "Think different" product, and very ironically, I am surprised to say that is Windows Phone, and it's partner Nokia.

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    • Good post. It is sort of a "given" that Iphone5 will sell well regardless of what it holds.

      I still do remember the "wow"-factor when using first Ipod touch followed by Iphone and Ipad.

      Since 2007 Iphone has actually changed only marginally. And it appears everybody has one (I think the market is saturated when you really don´t see any males over 60 without an Iphone).

      Android is pretty much the same as Iphone. Only without Apple.

      Time for something different.

    • Apple Samsung lawsuit will slow down Samsung and create oppurtunity for Windows Phone and Android.

      What is driving Apple news are lawsuits of old features that everyone takes for granted in a smartphone. As time goes on it is clearer and clearer Apple iPhone 5 will not be a disruptive product, just a cosmetic improvement of iPhone 4S. Consumer who is looking for something new and different will more likely try the Nokia Windows Phone with Metro interface.

      Samsung will be slowed down in the US, like HTC. With so many lawsuits (with or without merits) it just makes more sense for carriers to push Windows Phone to gain leverage against Apple. With Apple even in prepay phones it just makes no sense for carriers to pay $400 subsidy per iPhone.

      So for Nokia a slow 3Q12. But better times should be ahead.

    • Perhaps... I happen to have an iPhone too... and I find that while Apple is truly innovative, the pace of that innovation sometimes hurts it. The iPhone 4 form factor (4 and 4S) is in dire need of a refresh (particularly screen size) and their lack of LTE is criminal (we won't get into whether AT&T is 4G or not).

      Hence if Nokia can be innovative (and they've shown in the past they're perfectly capable of that) and roll out competitively priced phones they can easily gain a 4-8% of the market in less than a year. That would be huge and give them the momentum they need to thrive.

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