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  • branstetter412 branstetter412 Sep 10, 2012 7:19 PM Flag

    Local AT&T Store

    Stopped in the local AT&T store on Friday night and spoke with a few of the employees. First, the store was dead on a Friday night. The guys told me that everyone was waiting for the new iPhone, but that they did not expect all the people waiting to actually buy an iPhone? This is where it gets intersting. Next I spoke to the manager (a "hip" 30ish type) and asked about the Lumia 900. He said it was a royal pain in the #$%$ The device was plagued with problems, etc... And everyone in the store was forced to use one for 3 months. BUT, then after telling me about all the problems with the 900, he went on to tell me (and I quote), "...but I told my boss just yesterday that I will be getting the new Nokia phone when it becomes available". That said a lot to me.

    He also mentioned that Samsung would be suing Apple aggresively if they have LTE in their new phone. This could be great for NOK. We have the hot new phone and Apple and Samsung are beating the tar out of each other. And by the way, NOK owns the lions share of LTE patents. So when you boys finish fighting, pay up.

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    • when the lumia 900 came out I went to the local ATT store. the rep I talked to whipped out his Nokia and began to play with it. Had some good things to say, but did mention lack of apps. He said there were other apps to replace.

      This must have been 5-6 months ago. In Raleigh, North Hills.

    • Windows Phone v.8 is going to be a killer OS, and the Lumia 920 is a killer phone. The result = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • wp8 is garbage.

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    • My local AT&T store always has a stream of people in and out. What struck me was that they had only one Lumia 900 on display, and it's been dead for more than a week. Can't even turn it on. They have iPhone 4s models in white and black, plus regular iPhone 4 models and even the 3GS. They have Samsungs and HTCs up the wazoo, all running their flashy demo programs. The Lumia, however, is a brick. And they just don't care!

      They were totally clueless on the new Nokia phones, which doesn't surprise me. Store reps are almost always the last to know anything. He confirmed that every rep at the store received a free Lumia 900 but that most didn't even open the box. Only one rep, the designated "Nokia specialist" was using her Lumia 900. And even she said it was only while at work. The second she goes off the clock she puts it down and picks up her Android phone - a Samsung Galaxy Note.

      Why is Nokia giving these a/s/s/c/l/o/w/n/s a second exclusive on the new Lumia?

    • did you ask him whay it was royal pain in ???? Could it be because they are not properly trained how to use it? How can a phone be pain to use for someone who is supposedly in his field of expertise especially when those who have bought and used it are not saying so. the problem with at&t employees is they are apple and droid biased idiots with closed minds. I still do not like this exclusivity with at&t. They will screw nok rorally, lol like they did in the first round. They are prejuduced against nok. Only their ceo is the one who has bought into nok. IMO.You don't hear this kind of rubbish from T-mobile salespeople.

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