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  • zinrc zinrc Sep 25, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    If u short AAPL yesterday

    AAPL down almost 15 today. If u cover today u still makes lots of money.
    ISuck 5 taking down mighty AAPL share. Come back to earth my friend.
    AAPL not fix the map by XMas AAPL investors may not have Xmas presents.
    Nokia must do it right and launch before November. Windows 8 launch will be flashy.
    Nokia should help ISuck5 with its most valued map.

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    • dorianpc Sep 25, 2012 6:16 PM Flag

      No real investor on this board gives a crap about apple, much less for your priceless advice.

    • 100 millions download of iOS6 versus 25 millions download of iOS5 in the same period last year means less people are upgrading from existing iPhone iPhone 5--they are only updating their software--though to an inferior version :-)

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      • What kind of logic are you employing?

        No iOS upgrade has ever been revolutionary. More, it's a study in 'slow and steady wins the race.' Nothing inferior about iOS 6 vs 5. Apps are apps and you can download more and better choices from the App Store than any other platform's store. Don't like the new maps? Fine, there's plenty others.

        Apple wins because of the things exclusive to its ecosystem, including customer service/experience at Apple Stores that's so good, it has become a template for others. Read the satisfaction surveys pointing to 86% of iPhone users being happy and willing to recommend. 86% of hundreds of millions is bloody spectacular, not baaa baaa iSheep.

        PureView technology is an example of ecosystem exclusiveness. Nokia Maps is not. AirPlay is an example of ecosystem exclusiveness. iCloud is not. Office 2012 is an example of ecosystem exclusiveness, OIS is not.

        You will never convince consumers to buy a phone because it comes with (arguably) better inbuilt apps. By the way, are you certain that you can remove bloat ware from your L920? Because iPhone and iOS comes with ZERO bloat ware. Zero in app advertising with shipped apps.

        Sentiment: Sell

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