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  • jeffreber44 jeffreber44 Sep 26, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    Microsoft backstabing Nokia with HTC

    Take a look at Micorsofts website. They are promoting the new HTC phones big time on the front page! Nothing on Nokia. You can't trust MS to be your friend Nokia. They just took advantage and don't care about Nokia.

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    • Silly, just plain silly. Microsoft is going to be promoting every manufacturer they can. They need market share and anyone that can help them get that is $'s in their pocket?

      This is just a matter of time. Microsoft is by far the most popular OS out there. When your PC, Slate, and Phone all run the same OS, and business partners have a common development platform, we're going to see a repeat of history. Apple had the first-to-market-better-product before and only hit the consumer equation (like they just did with the iPhone and iPad). Now Microsoft is going to turn on the burners and the business development teams are going to be on board really fast. Just wait this out. NOK is a 10x return. Where's this bottom? I don't really care, in 2-3 years, you're going to be bragging to everyone that you got in below $3.00.

    • I do not trust this rumor--HTC phone is a vanilla WP8 phone with hardly any differentiator. Lumia has wireless charging, PureView Camera, Nokia applications and so on. Carriers also know that Lumia 920 is the real flagship phone of the WP8 eco-system.

      Do you really think that Microsoft would promote an inferior product? Microsoft wants to be successful and it has to promote the best product in its eco-system.

      It is quite possible that Microsoft might have said some good words in HTC presentation but Microsoft has always used Lumia prototype in their demonstration. They have to say good words otherwise no OEM other than Nokia would make phones for WP8 platform.

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    • You totally missed the point. Microsoft is free to promote other WP handset makers. Nokia earn license fee from HTC through Nokia maps and location services.

    • Getting HTC in the WP8 campus is a plus for NOK. The only chance for NOK's future success is WP8 becomes a relevant eco system besides IOS and Android. The more handset vendors joins WP8, the better.

    • MS is working on putting all their SW in all units....long term plan..everyone will have to use them...

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    • You have to be a little more diligent in your reading. Right below on the MS page is an ad for Nokia. Where do you get your information? Typical AD-HD! Be thorough in your research. Of course MS is going to pitch HTC. But they are also pitching Nokia. They are not going to partner and leave their agreement with Nokia for no good reason. There is market share for both. Use your crystal ball. Also, don't buy Nokia yet. Let the big boys move this where they want it and stay out of the way. You will know when to strike if you have shined your crystal ball! Strong hold and stay out of the way!

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    • I have been saying this about evil msft for a long time. I rest my case. You deal with evil you get burned real bad. This canadian goofball hurt nok real bad and nok shareholders are hurting because of this idiot and the imbecile BOD which continue to support him in the destruction of nok.

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      • I think Nokia fans were unrealistic from the start about what this "strategic partnership" with Microsoft really meant to Nokia. The two companies were never best buddies and there was never any kind of backstop or guarantee for Nokia. It was just a business deal. Some people (like me) posited that the strategic investment instead of a share purchase kept Nokia at arm's length and kept the option open for Microsoft to "Zune" the whole deal with Nokia if they wanted. I don't see Microsoft doing that unless HTC or Samsung seem more viable than Nokia. If Microsoft had bought all or part of Nokia it would have been many times more expensive and would have made it almost impossible for Microsoft to walk away if they wanted. 

    • They stated at HTC launch, very, very clearly, that HTC will be the SOLE phone used in all MSFT advertising and marketing in 2013. I sold my shares in Nok that day.

      Nokia is on it's own. Msft helped them last year and HTC is up for this year. In the end, msft is setting itself up for success..If we ran msft, we would do the same thing.

      Nokia did this to themselves. If their stock was not tanking msft would have stood by them, but msft could not afford to put all their eggs in Nokia basket and have them fail.
      It is business!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did u sell all ur shares yet. If not sell quickly and hopefully I can buy. What u think how much u want to sell. WHat is ur asking price. Is it @2.00.

    • Unfortunately MSFT doesn't seem to care. Remember that one time rumour about MSFT possibly producing its own phones? They HAD to have known the effect that would have on NOK share prices. They are an utterly selfish company and as you say, it's hard for anyone to trust them to be a friend. I wonder what kind of relationship Elop and Ballmer have behind the scenes?

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