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  • red_ryder35 red_ryder35 Oct 6, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    watch out for the Apple Stampede,Apple's Time at the top ends in 2013

    Oh yeah....they can't keep up with demand and their time is up....In that case I sure wish Nokia's time were up

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    • That is not how it works, but good luck with the positive thinking.

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      • GOOG shill...

      • Customers have variety of choices more than any time in the past in the smart phone market.There is absolutely no differentiation in quality,and infact,you can argue and most tech experts will tell you,Samsung S3 is a better product than iPhone 5.Apple has been selling great so far just on its previous record and its iPhone Hallo name.But that's changing already with customers getting more educated with the great choices they have in the phone market,even the media that has been the greatest selling tool of Apple products with their band wagon is now realizing their foolishness with the disappointment of iPhone 4s and 5.You all know,the last great product Apple introduced was the iPAD one and iPhone 4.The rest have been ok.Even iPAD 3 was a big let down.

        I sold every single share I held in Apple,this is the best time to get out,you stay too long and you will be burnt.There is no upside in Apple,it has peaked and from here on,its stock price will retrace all the way to 100-200 per share.Some so-called experts are predicting Apple share price to go 1000 per share.That's a big lie.Apple has a bigger chance of hitting 300 per share than 1000 per share.

        The smart phone market is becoming more crowded,more competitive from here on.Apple no longer has the differencing product.More companies are coming out with me too tablets now and in the future,and they will cut into Apples iPAD booming business.More are getting into this segment and I will tell you this,some of them will come with a better product than current IPAD.Unless Apple reinvents another segment as it has done with the iPAD and iPhone,I don't see them maintaining their current dominance in all segments they currently dominate.Just look at Samsung,they are already selling more smart phones than Apple because they have a better produce than the iPhone.Don't listen the hype and don't be too greedy,its time you look else where with a better value.Nokia and Rimm are better value in the next 12 months than Apple.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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