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  • bluehorshoe007 bluehorshoe007 Nov 6, 2012 3:37 PM Flag

    AT& T will start Selling L920 for $99.9: The best News this Morning

    Nokia will do well with the Lumia phones. BUT how well will they do if they don't include one of the largest US carrieres, Verizon in the top of the line Lumia phone, the 9xx. The 822 is fine, but is not the 9xx. Not having this phone out in time for the holidays is a mistake in my opinion. It will cost Nokia and Verizon. Customers will switch over to AT &T to get the phone they want, or will just get something else in its place. Many are too impatient to wait around and will pick up a second choice. Hoping for a speedier release of the 922....

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    • The exclusive deal is only for six months, I see it as a good game plan, so did Apple when they were exclusive on AT&T. Being highly subsidized at $99 and hands down the best WP will surely help AT&T steal market share. Just wait Microsoft 1.8 billion dollar ad campaign is just getting started. Microsoft as with the XBOX will be willing to take a heavy hit to ensure their products are accepted, to wager against W8 at this point is a long shot. This ecosystem adds 400 million PC's per year, people should want tablets and phones that use the same Kernal / highly compatible across the board.

      Nokia isn't limited to offer one type of phone every two years like Apple, when WP8 takes off who’s to say Nokia wont add to Verizons line up? I'm sure the ramp of product is under control not to flood the market in case of slow acceptance. I will say Nokia informing the industry early last quarter that WP7 would not be upgradable to WP8 killed their product line instantly, and was the cause for such poor sales numbers. This time the lumia 920 has functions others can only dream about, Its has a lot of users positively talking on the tech sites, user feedback on engadget, cnet, theverge, slashgear and other sites. The lumia will be offered to a larger market this time around including China mobile that has close to ¾ of a billion subscribers. Apple has been trying for years to get into china s market.

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      • I don't see it as a good game plan! I want this phone and I want to stay with Verizon. The coverage beats them all!! BUT I can't get the Lumia 922 and I am ready to upgrade now. I don't want the 822 now only to have the 922 come out later with its extra bells and whistles and be sitting looking at a less functional phone.

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      • The exclusive deal on the 900 was for only 45 days. AT&T is still the only one selling them. And they might only be selling half as many as they did when they had the exclusive on them. North American sales dropped from 600k to 300k for ALL Nokia Lumias, even the 800 up in Canada. But maybe all 300k were 900s and no other Lumias sold anywhere in North America. Yeah, that's it!

        Oh, wait! It doesn't matter that the 900 was the best new phone at Mobile World Congress last year. The new 920 phone will sell anyway because there is no comparison. Being the best rated means nothing. Except now this year it does. Somehow ...

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