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  • roosterly9 roosterly9 Nov 24, 2012 8:46 AM Flag

    Barron, report is suspect here is why

    Barron is a paid subscription, to read their articles you have to have Dow Jones news, or Barron subscription. Now out of sudden they give you a free bee on the Yahoo finance which bashes two stocks that are heavily shorted, causing panik and racking up losses for shorts. The author has no substantetive arguments against the Nokia, he can't say Luima not selling, he can't say products don't have good reviews; what old tired arguments he latches on? Google and Apple are too entranched for Nokia to be successful. Everytime a new technology replaces the old entranched technology you hear this argument, but new technologies do succeed all the time.
    Barron had done this before, I remember many years ago I had shares of ICN phamaceuticals, company had a Ativiral compond at work which was supposed to be beneficial agaisnt aids and hapetitis; stock was heavily shorted, but was moving higher on the drug news. They wrote a negative article agains the company accusing the founder of fraud, and drug ineffective, drug went on to become one of the mosft effective antiviral drugs in history, and to this day is part of almost all antiviral cocktail drugs, shame on you Barron.

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    • I think that this article was written to provoke some people so that people end-up subscrbing to Barron. I went to the comment section and realized that you would have to subscribe to Barron to leave any comment.

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    • Yes, they probably they did say the same about Apple when they were in big problems too years ago...

    • The people from Barrons wont buy a stock unless it is atleast 60 dollars a share, to them a 60 dollar stock is bottom fishing, but only if it is making money hand over fist. For me the Wade Cook method has worked, everyone said the same thing about Sprint, until it rose to 4.50 a share . Hey a bounce is a bounce , but I still believe and speculate that Nokia will make big gains here.. But thanks Barrons I will keep my eyes open, when Nokia reports their earnings.

      Anyway not many have complimented Nokia for their efforts of a turnaround, except for me.

      GOOD JOB NOKIA the Lumia series is a Fantastic phone

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    • "I DON'T THINK either stands much of a chance over the long haul; they've simply fallen too far behind Google and Apple and Samsung to matter much again, REGARDLESS OF HOW GOOD THEIR DEVICES ARE."

      Pretty much tells me, they wont give NOK a thumb up even if phone is selling well.

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      • WRT Lumia and smarphones in general ... NOK has a ways to go sells wise. But they can outsell iApple and Google - smartphone wise I think. A good shot at it. But as is seen this will take awhile. But maybe not too long. Biz world, as suggested, needs a new biz phone - if this takes hold - NOK can easily surpass iPhone and the Goog/phone. With Asha, (which I think is actually a smartphone), they will give Sammy a run later.

        All NOK has to do is show this is working, and they are I think, no firm numbers yet. $5 could happen real soon and fast I think. Then institutions can buy and that locks in $6 easy I think. Once the qtr and year is reported and it is good this will be a huge catalyst. 1st qtr will be better still, as I said this takes a bit of time as things become known. Asha is doing well NSN is doing well. Lumia smarter phone seems to be a lot better than the experts expected. Good good good IMO.

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      • I also read that article from Barron (or, is it barren). I also read about the sell recommendation and $1.60 price target from GS in the summer, but I bought NOK just less than a dime above this target price and added some later on, and am happy about it.

        I do have a short story to share about the 920. I just learned that, a week ago, a friend of mine brought her son to our local AT&T store to let him select a new phone. He picked up 920 over the iPhone 5 and Samsung phones.

    • I agree that the Barron's article (insofar as it addresses Nokia) is based on thin and faulty analysis.

      Given that, I'm not as quick to presume the article is part of a larger conspiracy. My take - the author has to "feed the beast" (the news machine) on a regular basis, and this kind of thin analysis fills the bill. Yes, he rather write piercingly insightful articles all of the time, but the reality is that is it easier to write a plausible article, one that "follows the heard", and fill the page with one or two quotes and the reasonable (but misleading) proposition that past problems will continue to plague Nokia. After all, to try to make predictions about how a product will sell is not, according to the writer, investing - it's "gambling".

      Certainly no investor I know will EVER invest in something based on predictions of a turnaround/change in future performance (that was sarcasm....).

      I am more inclined to give credence to conspiracy thinking when it comes to MS and Goldman actions on Nokia - those guys will do almost anything, and they employ roomsful of lawyers to help them keep just up to the edge of legality, and "they" wrote most of the rules to begin with.

      Fortunately, the article will NOT influence 99.999% of consumer's decisions to purchase a Nokia phone. The aggregate result of that decision process is what will determine Nokia's stock price, not what someone writes in the effort to fill a page on the Saturday after a holiday and get paid a salary.

    • Good job calling out "the Barron of lies", LOL.

    • No facts, just conjecture from a well-known brand, Barrons. Manipulation for friends. If I relied on them for investing/trading advice, I'd be broke.

      I think Nokia will succeed dramatically, not only because consumers will purchase the Lumia, but because corporate IT managers are looking for a replacement for their Blackberry devices and do not want to convert to iOS or Android or upgrade to Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 will require significant expenditures and is not backward compatible with the older version. They will be required to setup new servers, while maintaining existing servers until the conversion is complete. IT managers will jump on the opportunity to integrate Windows-based devices into their established active domain environments. This will be the death knell for RIM. I think they will choose Nokia devices over other manufacturers' devices because of Nokia's long-time reputation for quality and reliability. I used to work for a regional cellular provider and Nokia products were always rated above other manufacturers' products by our internal product evaluation/configuration team.

      This scenario reminds me of IBM in the mid-90s. I believe that 12 months from now, Barrons will be buzzing about the remarkable turnaround at Nokia, blah, blah, blah. They will be receiving back-slaps from their buddies for holding the price down while they established their positions. In other words, business as usual, at a well-known brand. See also Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. They all deserve long-term reservations at a federal prison.

      From personal experience, I think Android sucks (I have programmed in Java and personally think that anything built on Java sucks). I've owned three Android-based tablets and my wife and daughter just upgraded two HTC Desires to iPhones (our cellular carrier does not offer a Windows 8 phone). I returned two of the tablets and sold the other on Craigslist. I am currently using an employer-owned first-generation iPad and have been very impressed. I am planning to purchase an ASUS Transformer Book in early 2013 and welcome the opportunity to use a real computer with tablet capabilities. My phone contract is not up for a while, but I will be converting to Windows 8 as soon as feasible.

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      • i wouldnt recommend asus unless you are getting a desk-type laptop that isn't going to be used outside of the home or work. ive tried 15 inch, 16 inch, and 12 inches and smaller. the same model, but the smaller laptops and tablets are quite slow compared to the regular laptops. since the transformer is basically a laptop, you might as well buy an actual laptop. i dont know what these review guys are smoking. ive gone through half a dozen asus laptops and they dont preform remotely close to the performance of dell, hp and dare i say a macbook. a new13 inch macbook is 100 more than a 13/14 inch asus. old models can be bought for $200.

        ipad/ipod/iphone is a waste of money,

        plus, android is the enemy. :D

      • I am waiting for the upgrade due to buy 4 Lumia 920 for the family

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    • i would say NOK is a strong buy. i doubt it will ever return to it's original high of ~40, but the stock price will likely double if the news about lumia is true, and let's be honest a lot of what has been written is speculation, though facts do support most of the hype imo. purchase a few thousand shares is probably the most sensible thing to do right now *or whatever is proportional to your own $$$ situation. and then buy more if the stock starts to turn significantly. i wouldnt "go all in." NOK is definitely a better stock than RIMM long-term wise. blackberry is a POS.

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      • ...Like that "Barren" nomenclature...they've fallen a long way since Abelson's legendary shorting feature articles. This Tiernan Ray sounds more like sour grapes than informative. You know, I think what has REALLY nicked the U.S. establishment (backing Apple, etc.) is Nokia's clever use of its own solid and original patents in electronic mapping (which Apple disastrously ignored..probably to avoid paying Nokia royalities) to produce a highly acclaimed mapping "app" for iPhones! Now there is a really embarrasing in-your-face from David to Goliath!

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      • I know this for a fact as I own one and convinced my sister to buy one for my brother-in-law. We luv our Lumia 920. To this day, I haven't had one single problem with it. Net browsing is super fast. Screen display is superb especially in the sunlight outside, could hardly see my iphone 4s screen in the sun, lol. Phones are basically for talking and the voice clarity when you talk on the lumia is magnificent and no dropped calls either, so far for me. Used to have a lot with iphone 4S. Camera takes fantastic pics. I just luv to look at my 920 and to use it everyday. That is why I sometimes get frustrated why the supply constraint was created with such a magnificent phone in the first place. I am concerned of this "out of stock" issue killing the sales momentum and that is why I believe they don't have many AD's cause they don't have enough to sell, imo. This is due to lack of vision, boldness and imagination by the person at the helm, EFLOP. I am neither a pumper or a basher. I call it as I see it to the dislike of many EFLOP stooges on this board. If nok had a ceo like steve jobs, there will be lines for blocks every where lumias are sold. I can almost guarantee that. I still believe I will get back every penny I have as paper loss and more regardless of eflop. I have faith in nok and its brilliant engineers and I hope they do not leave the company in droves. We already lost one good one, the head of imaging and pureview technology.

      • Just check how Barron bashed FB and how FB rose one day after that
        Barron, an old league, not too many smart people follow them anymore

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