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  • pcparadigm pcparadigm Nov 24, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    Barron, report is suspect here is why

    No facts, just conjecture from a well-known brand, Barrons. Manipulation for friends. If I relied on them for investing/trading advice, I'd be broke.

    I think Nokia will succeed dramatically, not only because consumers will purchase the Lumia, but because corporate IT managers are looking for a replacement for their Blackberry devices and do not want to convert to iOS or Android or upgrade to Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 will require significant expenditures and is not backward compatible with the older version. They will be required to setup new servers, while maintaining existing servers until the conversion is complete. IT managers will jump on the opportunity to integrate Windows-based devices into their established active domain environments. This will be the death knell for RIM. I think they will choose Nokia devices over other manufacturers' devices because of Nokia's long-time reputation for quality and reliability. I used to work for a regional cellular provider and Nokia products were always rated above other manufacturers' products by our internal product evaluation/configuration team.

    This scenario reminds me of IBM in the mid-90s. I believe that 12 months from now, Barrons will be buzzing about the remarkable turnaround at Nokia, blah, blah, blah. They will be receiving back-slaps from their buddies for holding the price down while they established their positions. In other words, business as usual, at a well-known brand. See also Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. They all deserve long-term reservations at a federal prison.

    From personal experience, I think Android sucks (I have programmed in Java and personally think that anything built on Java sucks). I've owned three Android-based tablets and my wife and daughter just upgraded two HTC Desires to iPhones (our cellular carrier does not offer a Windows 8 phone). I returned two of the tablets and sold the other on Craigslist. I am currently using an employer-owned first-generation iPad and have been very impressed. I am planning to purchase an ASUS Transformer Book in early 2013 and welcome the opportunity to use a real computer with tablet capabilities. My phone contract is not up for a while, but I will be converting to Windows 8 as soon as feasible.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I am waiting for the upgrade due to buy 4 Lumia 920 for the family

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i wouldnt recommend asus unless you are getting a desk-type laptop that isn't going to be used outside of the home or work. ive tried 15 inch, 16 inch, and 12 inches and smaller. the same model, but the smaller laptops and tablets are quite slow compared to the regular laptops. since the transformer is basically a laptop, you might as well buy an actual laptop. i dont know what these review guys are smoking. ive gone through half a dozen asus laptops and they dont preform remotely close to the performance of dell, hp and dare i say a macbook. a new13 inch macbook is 100 more than a 13/14 inch asus. old models can be bought for $200.

      ipad/ipod/iphone is a waste of money,

      plus, android is the enemy. :D

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      • Thanks for the info. I utilize my current laptop (MackBook Pro 15in, OSX Lion with i7-2720QM and 8GB RAM, Parallels 7 and Windows 7) as a portable CPU. Hookup to a 24in monitor, keyboard and mouse at both office and home. Like the idea of "peeling off" the display and having a tablet/computer in hand for meetings. Do you have any experience with Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro? I don't have to have world beating performance, but I must have reliable hardware. Definitely don't care about games. I spend most of my day in multiple text editor and web browser sessions doing web programming. I don't tax the CPU or I/O much. :)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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