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  • dogeater20088 dogeater20088 Dec 12, 2012 12:45 AM Flag

    2.-5 million LUMIAs sold in the first 20 day period worldwide.....

    By comparison, iPhone sold that many in 2 days! What is your point?

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    • The point is that the company is exceeding expectations. We are not here to surpass iPhone this quarter. We have invested in a stock, which people like you thought would go bust. As long as it turns the corner the stock goes up.

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    • Apple is valued at 510 billion an Nokia at 14 billion. Get the point?

    • Right now its not lack of demand but lack of supply.That will change in January when Qualcom can meet Nokia demand for its Chips.The point is demand for the Lumias is constraint by supply...disappointing but indicative of the future.Apple and Sumsang will have their hands full of Nokia next year (2013). The Street and other heavily invested fake analyst are wetting their pants with fear.They ought to be fearful because Apple is finished not as a company but its shares will be down to 100-200 range.The days of hyping Apple are coming to an end.The rise of so-called "Tech Zombies" are real.Nokia and RIMM are the new kids on the block 2013 and beyond as they once were.

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