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  • coolzorro46 coolzorro46 Nov 24, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    2.-5 million LUMIAs sold in the first 20 day period worldwide.....

    It is 2.5 millions to be precise--this many Lumia 920's were shipped in 20 days and it was sold out. You can add to it few thousands from other variations--810,820,822,900,510 etc.

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    • The 920 isn't supposed to be the best selling Nokia phone. Just like the Corvette isn't supposed to be the best seller for Chevrolet. The 920 is there to demonstrate that Nokia makes better phones than Apple or Samsung. Most people, especially in developing areas, aren't going to be buying those they're going to buy the lower end phones.

      Nokia sold 77.3M smart devices in 2011 and 339.8M mobile phones and they lost a lot of money doing it. The top-end Lumia's have sold around 1-4 M /quarter since they came out. If you're counting on 2.5M phones every 20 days saving Nokia then they're screwed. Bottom line is, the Lumia sales are up but your perspective on how Nokia makes its money is way off. The 920 sales are going to be a very small percentage of Nokia's revenues.

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      • " If you're counting on 2.5M phones every 20 days saving Nokia then they're screwed."

        2.5M Lumia 920 every 20 days would imply over 10M per quarter for the highest end model only. Nokia would probably become break even or profitable right away and stock trading at 10. For the record, I don't think any of us expect they are selling 10M/Q L920s currently. Maybe all Lumias combined at best case scenario? That would be a terrific start for WP8. But your statement above is not correct in my opinion.

    • By comparison, iPhone sold that many in 2 days! What is your point?

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      • Right now its not lack of demand but lack of supply.That will change in January when Qualcom can meet Nokia demand for its Chips.The point is demand for the Lumias is constraint by supply...disappointing but indicative of the future.Apple and Sumsang will have their hands full of Nokia next year (2013). The Street and other heavily invested fake analyst are wetting their pants with fear.They ought to be fearful because Apple is finished not as a company but its shares will be down to 100-200 range.The days of hyping Apple are coming to an end.The rise of so-called "Tech Zombies" are real.Nokia and RIMM are the new kids on the block 2013 and beyond as they once were.

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      • The point is that the company is exceeding expectations. We are not here to surpass iPhone this quarter. We have invested in a stock, which people like you thought would go bust. As long as it turns the corner the stock goes up.

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      • Apple is valued at 510 billion an Nokia at 14 billion. Get the point?

    • Only 125,000 per day. And, wit about 1.5% profit margin!. How does that work?

    • But , but Oppenheimer said they project only 1 to 2 million Lumia phones being sold in the 4th Quarter of 2012. Which just goes to show what absurd statements will be tossed around to lower a stock price.

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      • These so-called analyst are a laughing stock and any investor who gives them more credibility than they deserve will be loosing money in the stock market.Seriously,how can you take these guys seriously? Analysts have become a message board where you bash or hype according to your portfolio.The same way you are not going overboard in this message board,you should not give these guys any credit.They are bashing/hyping in light of their portfolio or who is paying them.

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    • Rimm which management is more open then Nokia say it need to sell 18 million phones and they are cash flow positive. What does that mean nokia has to sell? This simple fact is scary.

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      • What that means is Nokia isn't RIMM.You get it shorty?. Rimm is 2 part business (enterprise service and cell phone hardware),Nokia is 4 parts company where its cell phone hardware unit 30-40% of the company.You will need to divide further the cell phone hardware units into 2 parts;lower end and higher end smartphone units.

        Nokia is still the dominant player in the lower end cell phone devices area in the world (with the exception of last quarter,has led in sells volume for the past 14 years and most likely would have outsold Samsung in this fourth quarter again because of its new launches which are all selling hot if you follow Nokia closely as I do in all its major markets).The smartphone unit has been Nokia's dark spot the last 2 years but that will change starting with this fourth quarter though this quarter is still a transitional quarter.Nokia does not need to sell more than 10 M+ to be profitable in its smartphone unit.

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    • sorry it is 2.5 million


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