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  • yahaol yahaol Dec 9, 2012 5:06 PM Flag

    5 Million Lumia 920 sold within one month, reports!

    仅仅在上个月,诺基亚刚刚宣布这款4.5英寸的手机销量超过了250万部,一个月时间未到,Lumia920又卖出了250万部。这款手机似乎在全球范围内都非常受欢迎,并且其受追捧程度丝毫没有减弱的迹象。据报道,目前该系列产品已经在美国、德国、澳大利亚等多地脱销。尽管相比iPhone5和Galaxy S III来说,Lumia920还有一定差距,但是对于这款发售仅一个月的手机来说,这样的成绩无疑是非常值得称道的。
    值得注意的是,诺基亚Lumia 920拥有的“诺基亚城市万花筒(Nokia City Lens)”的定位导航,被视为最大亮点,也是诺基亚地图和位置服务套件中的最新功能。加上诺基亚驾车(Nokia Drive)和诺基亚公共交通(Nokia Transport),使诺基亚地图和位置服务套件所能提供的地图体验是所有智能手机中最全面、集成度最高的。目前诺基亚地图会已经对所有使用WP8操作 系统的手机开放。包括诺基亚、HTC、甚至三星等主流厂商都在大规模推广WP8智能手机。

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    • This crap isn't selling....and never will.

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    • 4.12-4-15$?

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    • i search for the news, but none of the articles quoting them show links. i surely hope it is true. but i doubt it. from wmpoweruser, htc 8x is also backordered. i think it is still more due to limited supply than due to demand.

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    • That's amazing. This jives with the rate of 2.5 million in the first week. and this doesn't include China or even any real volume or marketing in the US. The US is still muted while China at this point is non-existent. If we get any confirmation of this the stock will skyrocket today. Actually, the facebook MAU numbers are a hard confirmation and they also jive with this number.

      On a different note, I dreamt 2 nights ago that we were up big - I believe it was + $1.57. A Goldman Sachs upgrade would do the job. They must be prepping their PR as we speak.

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    • 6 in a few days

    • A good post! (but some people can't read Chinese)

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    • The Nokia Lumia 920 is currently dominating the headlines in the mobile phone industry. Whilst it is anticipated that the phone would prove popular on account of its impressive spec list and Microsoft-funded advertising campaign, the levels of success that it has already achieved have surprised many people.

      The device (which is the flagship Nokia model to showcase Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 operating system) has got off to a great start, and the Finland based manufacturer is pinning its hopes on the success of this device as it attempts to regain market share which it has lost over the last few years to the likes of Apple, HTC and Samsung.

      In the handful of countries, there have been reports from retailers and networks alike that the Nokia Lumia 920 has completely sold out of stock. In the UK, many retailers have confirmed that they have even had sold out of pre-order stock of the handset multiple times before they have even received initial stocks of the phone. In total, sales of Lumia 920 are estimated to be in the region of 2.5 million after less than a month on the market.

      As a demonstration of just how popular the Lumia 920 has quickly become, a poll was recently carried out by Gizmodo Australia as it gears up for the Gizmodo Awards 2012. In order to determine the most popular smartphone model, with a number of high profile phones included in the list of options. Along with the Nokia Lumia 920, you will find the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 plus many more. Visit our website to find out more about the Nokia Lumia 920 and compare the best deals on the Nokia Lumia 920.

      Amazingly, the Nokia Lumia 920 has stormed ahead of the competition with a whopping 84% of the votes, with the iPhone 5 in second place with less than 3%. Even prominent devices from Samsung like the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 have achieved even less than this. The results of the poll can be viewed on NokiaPowerUser.

      To achieve such levels of success in such a short space of time is certainly a good omen for Nokia’s future. Once Nokia has release its Q4 earnings, we will report back with a more detailed picture of just how many Lumia 920 handsets have been sold.

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    • I long Nokia and I know Chinese. In the 4th and 5th lines of your poster, it is stated that: (1) last month Nokia announced that it sold 2.5 million 920's; (2) after less than a month it sold another 2.5 million 920's. I certainly wish all these are true. However, where is the evidence that Nokia announced these?

    • City Lens)”的定位导航,被视为最大亮点,也是诺基亚、HTC、甚至三星等主流厂商都在大规模推广WP8操作 系统的手机销量超过了250万部。这款手机似乎在全球的销量已经达到了500万部,一个月全球销量突破500万部!
      仅仅在上个月,诺基亚地图和位置服务套件所能提供的地图体验是所有智能手机。 诺基亚Lumia920又卖出了250万部。这款手机似乎在全球范围内都非常受欢迎,并且其受追捧程度丝毫没有减弱的迹象。据报道,目前该系列产品已经在美国、德国、澳大利亚等多地脱销。尽管相比iPhone厂商又公布了一个令自己振奋,令对手沮丧的数据:这部手机在全球的销量已经达到了500万台
      在距离诺基亚、HTC、甚至三星等主流厂商都在大规模推广WP8智能手机中最全面、集成度最高的。目前诺基亚地图和位置服务套件中的最新功能。加上诺基亚地图和位置服务套件中的最新功能。加上诺基亚地图和位置服务套件中的最新功能。加上诺基亚地图和位置服务套件中的最新功能。加上诺基亚、HTC、甚至三星等主流厂商都在大规模推广WP8操作 系统的手机开放。包括诺基亚驾车(Nokia City Lens)”的定位导航,被视为最大亮点,也是诺基!!!

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    • Nokia Lumia920 offering a monthly global sales exceeded 5 millionAt a distance of Nokia Lumia920 published close to a month, the world's largest WindowsPhone manufacturers announced an own exciting, rival discouraging data: this mobile phone sales had reached 5 million units in the world!Only last month, Nokia has just announced the 4.5-inch phone has sold more than 2.5 million units a month not to, Lumia920 has sold 2.5 million units last year. The phone seems to be are very popular all over the world, and their popularity shows no signs of abating. It was reported that at present this series of products have been in the United States, and Germany, and Australia, as much out of stock. Although the iPhone5 and Galaxy s than III, Lumia920 there is still a certain distance, but for this handset on sale only a month, this accomplishment is undoubtedly very commendable.Noteworthy is that Nokia Lumia 920 has "urban Kaleidoscope Nokia (Nokia City Lens)" positioning and navigation, is considered the largest bright spot, Nokia maps and location services suite of new features. Coupled with Nokia's drive (Nokia Drive) public transport and Nokia (Nokia Transport), Nokia maps and map location services suite can offer experience is the most comprehensive and highest integration all smartphones. Now Nokia maps has been open to all use WP8 operating system phones. Including Nokia, HTC, even mainstream manufacturers such as Samsung to promote large-scale WP8 Smartphone.

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