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  • msnvsn001 Dec 10, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

    High volume not a good sign

    Just went PAST the average daily volume, Still have 3 more hours.
    I think they call it volume reversal theory, More downside on the way..
    Buy some PUTS..I starting to feel sorry for the people who believed this sorry sorry story.
    MSFT did it to you guys..

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    • When a stock gets negative news , short sellers short the stock at the open hoping to pick up shares cheaper . Also, look at trading on Friday and we knew something was up as some one sold heavily . Analysts always inform their best clients a day or two earlier of any action they are to take . Friday volume was very high some where around 70 mil shares . Assuming that 35 mil was shorted on Friday and another 20 mil shares shorted today to drop the stock , the short sellers have to work hard to to get any one to sell . That is why the volume dropped sharply after 2 hours trading around 1 mil shares an hour or so . Short sellers will try to keep the stock under $3.70 hoping something could happen . I picked up more shares around $3.62 . The Windows 8 phones will become a success especially the high end ones like 920 . Remember , with Nokia phone you get top notch map and , one very important point is, you can use it off line . Google maps can Not be used off line . Maps use a lot of data and it is costly . So if you see stock not moving today it is because short sellers are shorting more to get you to sell

    • Oppy wrote a slightly neg piece about the stock. That was the reason that the stock went down this a.m. on volume. Mostly traders trading on that news. I wouldn't read too much into it.

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    • It looks like the volume dried up around 12 PM, the weak hands and the day-traders have processed their exchanges and now the stock is in the hands of those who are looking for much larger returns.

    • We are starting to recover a from a weak hand sell-off of short term traders. This is a long-term story and those that don't get shaken out by 5% moves will be rewarded huge. I am looking forward to the next two hours and the remainder of the week and weak-hands. Buying more...

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    • Tough to be short here.

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      • The stock was shorted heaviy on Friday as analysts inform their clients in advance of any action. No doubt this A. M. was shorted again to drop the stock . I added more at $3.62 . Windows 8 phones . the higher end ones, are gaining traction . But Nokia has couple of advantags and one important one being the Maps. Nokia maps can be used offline on Nokia phones where as other phones you will need to have and use data which are very expensive and not as good anyway. MSFT has invested a lot in Nokia and will do so more and more to compete with Iphone and Google

    • bemos Dec 10, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

      looks like were going higher

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