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  • rmbo47 rmbo47 Dec 13, 2012 8:10 AM Flag

    Google: "No Plans To Develop Windows 8 or WP8 Apps"

    They site lack of users. Story on Engadget. I just downloaded Google Maps to my iPhone, just to compare it to Apple's native maps app. And this time Google Maps includes turn-by-turn directions!

    Mountain View isn't bent on bringing apps to the platforms thanks to a lack of interest. "We have no plans to build out Windows apps," Google Apps product management director Clay Bavor told V3. "We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8."

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    • Expected news of course, Google will keep the upper hand and force you to get Android phone for the apps. I see it as an uphill battle like always for Nokia and Microsoft but with a plus, Nokia Maps and Drive get a chance to gain use and share of the market while Google Maps is absent, I am sure was very debatable situation for Google, bring apps to W8 and help the ecosystem or let Nokia Maps and Drive get the whole of that market and hurt W8.

    • Windoze 8 is a predicted.

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    • Anytime Google can take a shot at Microsoft they're overly eager to do so. Google is looking at the current installed base and it is relatively small. No question WP8 will eventually become a competitive 3rd OS platform and Google will have no choice but to provide map apps for the platform. Check back in a year and you'll hear a completely different story from Google.

    • Where did you find this?

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    • Can you post a link since you are saying this is a valid article. Where did it come from? I am sure Microsoft would love to see what Clay Bavor has to say since the did apply and have the google app in the Microsoft store. Since they are generating billions off their ads words from Microsoft I think Microsoft would be interested to see that they are bashing them on one hand and submitting an app in the the Micorosft store to collect billions with the other hand. Send it please and I will forward it to Microsoft HQ. I am long qqq holds app, msft & nok.

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      • I apologize for calling you a lying basher. Can you please send a link as to where the article came from. Maybe google violated the terms of there Windows Store contract by saying that. How many millions of clicks will that goog search app. in the Win store generate in ad words clicks. MSFT should know that a business just like you and me that fill out the Windows store contract to submit apps is publicly bashing Microsoft with False information. It has been out for how long? 1 month? Sounds like Clay Bavor is a disgruntled basher. Where was it posted? Do they have a real platform?

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    • Microsoft and Google are sworn enemies, and Windows 8 Tablets and Phones pose a huge threat to Android. Given the high stakes involved, it's only natural that Google isn't going to say anything good about Microsoft software products and platform OS's, and the reverse is probably true as well. Investors should be wary about making conclusions, based on the comments or actions of competitors, as the information or observations will most likely be false and/or misleading...

      Demand for the Lumia 920 is sky rocketing, and I can finally say that I met somebody who made reference out of the blue to thinking about buying that smartphone instead of going with an iPhone or SGIII, based on all of the good news they had read about the product. Nokia has a hit device on their hands, and the demand for WP8 related apps will increase as a result. As for the desktops, Windows 8 runs almost everything that Win 7 did before, and that means there's already a massive installed base of wares to choose from. Windows 8 is the way of the future, and will be embraced: anybody who thinks that Windows based PC's will be abandoned in favor of either Chrome books or Mac-Pros is off their f---king rocker...

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    • Only Google product I have ever used is navigation and the email. Google Gmail seems to work fine on my no Nokia and now with Nokia drive I don't need Google.

    • demomilo Dec 13, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

      Good, I despise goog and their products

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    • You are a lying basher. Nokia has their own turn by turn app built in. offline maps also. It is better than google's. They cannot offer a map app because there app cannot compete with nok. They have apps in the Windows store. You are a basher beware of this poster.

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      • I read a similar article from the VERGE, NOKIA will continued to be bashed until CHINA MOBILE and Q4 results.

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      • Whether you like the news or not, he's not lying. Here's the news item:

        7:36 AM "We invest and will go where the users are, but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8 (MSFT)," says Google (GOOG) Apps product management chief Clay Bavor, explaining why his company has no plans to build out apps for the new platforms.

        I have an Android phone and have tried both Google Navigation and Nokia Maps. Both are good but I prefer Google's Navigation application - it offers full turn-by-turn navigation with great satellite maps. I especially like the voice input for indicating your destination - much easier than having to type something while driving.

      • Google has a free app in the Microsoft store so take posts from this guy as #$%$.

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