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  • luv_n_peace_4ever luv_n_peace_4ever Dec 19, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

    Which Company Is Microsoft Betting On To Reverse Its Fortunes? Idiot evil baldy balmer thinks HTC, LOL

    Go figure this bozo. Nok is the one that has brought respectability to win mobile phones and this buffon is sucking up to htc, with which it probably thinks it can make its own samrtphphone and I can guarantee NOK will decimate both of them. I don't think elop should trust balmer, imo.

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    • Ballmer wanted multiple partners for WP. But so far he can only bag Nokia. HTC have not committed money into WP, so Microsoft courting HTC is normal business practice.

    • By the way, Balmer is on the list of the worst CEO's for 2012 with GRPN CEO at the top, LOL, according to someone at CNBC. Just for that I don't give it credence though. CNBC is worse than balmer, imo.

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      • The world has never had a tablet/full PC Capable machine. There was never a tablet that a designer could browse the news and then open up adobe photoshop or Microsoft Visual Studio and actually take care of business. The possibilities are endless. If you do not believe that surface, W8, Nokia Lumina and all the other W8 devices are game changers than you are in denial. It happened under Mr. Balmer's watch. That means he is on the level of Steve Jobs as the tablet/computer + Tablet/Computer/Phone will change everything whether you like it or not. You cannot stop the freight train of innovation. Nice Job Ballmer, Microsoft & Nokia. I am long qqq holds aapl, msft & Nok.

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    • MSFT, want's both NOK and HTC phones to sell well. Don't be fooled, MSFT gives NOK 250m a quarter for development.

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      • This is not the first time that evil balmer has been sticking 24 inch knife in the back of NOK. Who do you think spreads the rumor of msft surface phone? It can't even sell its surface tablet whose design it stole from nok, imo and msft phone? Lumias will clobber it so bad it will die a worse death than the zune or whatever. Last time it called htc 8X the window hero phone, LOL!!! Except the world does not believe so when you have the elegant lumia 920 out there. Balmer is evil and need not be trusted, imo. He is a two-faced idiot, imo.

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