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  • lucwheel lucwheel Dec 27, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    CNBC Clowns are slamming Nokia

    Whats the deal with thes Craner arsekissing FOOLS!

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    • Besttimesnow: Thanks for your intelligent message. I just wanted to add, discounting now, at a time when everyone seems concerned about their financial future is the right thing to do, especially since Nokia will be coming with another new phone before long and want to be more aggressive in expanding in the USA.

      Good luck to all the longs!

    • The report in CNBC I saw this morning was fair - they cited the Wall Street Journal article and then cited Nokia's response, that pricing is up to the company selling the phone, and Samsung phones are similarly discounted, so the claim that discounting is a sign of slow sales is misleading.

      When a guest, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, said he rides the subway a lot and has seen only one Nokia phone, the CNBC anchor pointed out that there's a big world out there beyond the New York subway system and just because one reporter in one city has only seen one phone doesn't mean much when considering world-wide sales. In other words, she pretty much shut him down.

      It was a brief discussion, the premise of both the article and the subway survey were discounted, and they moved on. Not a big deal.

      If you want to rant about something, rant about the article itself - unfair, irresponsible, and misleading. In my view, it's the Wall Street Journal that's slowly losing standing in the world of financial reporting. But, as with most enterprises, there are good parts and not so good parts, but I do have concerns with the WSJ that the not so good parts are appearing with increasing frequency.

      CNBC has some very good people, and some people who are a waste of air; some segments/shows are better than others - some ok, some excellent (I've made money after hearing an interesting idea and doing some research!) and some poor. Dismissing CNBC as a whole may be gratifying (fun to rant) but is not very helpful or insightful.

    • they want ur shares period at very low.
      it is ur call to sell.
      these are crooks everybody know that.
      I never listen to any analyst.
      Make ur judgement. If u cannot then leave with ur money.

    • They questioned why they have not seen any Lumias on the subway, but let’s look at the odds for this to happen.
      If a cell phone is replaced every two years in the US, then 4% of all the cell phones are replaced per month. The new Lumias have been out for less than 2 months and 8% of the US population has a new phone during this time. Even if Nokia had 10% of the sales, only .8% (less than 1 in 100) of the phones would be the new Lumias.

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    • CNBC does a good job trying to be fair - they're not perfect, but who is? Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc, all make mistakes, but most people on CNBC try to be fair and accurate.

      They, like all news outlets today, have to feed the 24 hours beast. I get some good information from CNBC on a daily basis - they keep me informed, and give me things to consider.

      Too easy to say "They're a bunch of crooks" - they're not - some segments are better than others, some on-air reporters are better than others. I do believe too many in the securities industry (ie, "Wall Street") are not honest - they work to separate you from your money. Do your own research, and don't pay high fees.

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      • bestdriver4577 Dec 27, 2012 12:49 PM Flag

        If Apple started discounting thier phones, you would hear CNBC anounce it for a half hour straght saying what a wonderfully positve move and Apple stock would move up again. But with Nokia discounting thier phones, they made it sound like a bad thing and state again that Nokia phones arn't selling well and Nokia is trying to dump thier phones. I think that the cliff will take place and Nokia stock will go down somewhat but it may take a while to recover. It's all a big game controled by the big money boys.
        I wish every one the best of luck in the New Year because I think we will need it.


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    • Everyone I speak sayss that CNBC is losisng their credibility.
      They do not give unbiased reporting.
      They are digging their own grave.
      Someone should let them know. It certainly isn't me because I no longer watch them.

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