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  • strawhatjoe strawhatjoe Dec 30, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    ***Does not look like a deal will be struck today********

    These fools in Washington are doing more damage to this country than good! Why people make the same mistakes over and over of electing inept people to lead them? And why is it that they can never agree on waht is fundamentally good for the country. It's a common sense issue that if you earn more you will be able to pay a little bit more. Our tax system is a progressive system. I will gladly pay 5 grand more if I were making over $400m per year!

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    • You're clueless. It's not 5 grand they're after but a huge increase and that's not all, once you let these crooks in your wallet they'll come back for more. Look at France they raise their tax on the rich to 75%. Most Americans don't know that the tax on the rich in America used to be 90% for some 5 decades. That didn't help this country it hurt it. Higher taxes hurt cause rich people find ways to take their money to a different country and with their money so goes innovation and business. Better yet our government shouldn't be overspending by $2 trillion per year like Obama has for the past 4 years. Time to be responsible.

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    • carbryce Dec 30, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

      Americans, your political system is broken! And I don't think you understand how foolish you look to the rest of the world.

      now before you go blame one guy, the entire country is to blame. Everyone is so caught up in partisan politics you've allowed insanity to reign supreme.

      when will Americans realize that as a society you are only as good as your weakest link. Buck up pay taxes, balance budgets, reel in wall street, help those in need and worry only about the important things.

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